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Premiere: Synister (IN) takes us down a broody techno-tinged rabbit-hole with 'Speaker Screamer'

The Goa-based producer will drop his '4am Raver' EP on Xmas Eve

  • Charles Budd
  • 17 December 2021
Premiere: Synister (IN) takes us down a broody techno-tinged rabbit-hole with 'Speaker Screamer'

Label founder, DJ and versatile producer, Synister (IN) is the techno avatar of psytrance artist Braindrop.

As a producer who prefers to get lost in deep atmospherics and psychedelic nuances, Synister (IN) has honed a sound that has also become a trademark of Occultech, a label he started in 2012 and garnered global attention and following. In addition to running the growing the label, Synister (IN) recently opened a studio in Goa, O3 Studio, where he’s been taking care of local and visiting artists and producers, as well as continuing to expand the Occultech sound.

For his latest and forthcoming EP release ‘4am Raver’, ‘Speaker Screamer’ dropped into our music inbox to take the spot of today’s Premiere.

Robust without excessive heavy-duty, ‘Speaker Screamer’ drives and drills in all the right places. There’s a fuzzy warmth that exudes from the low-frequencies which hug a sympathetic and rounded kick drum — clearly designed to bring people closer together.

He deepens our mood with dark atmospherics and rolling delays, making use of his Behringer Model D synth to create trippy tones and some smooth effects processing. Synister (IN) manages to balance the broody vibes with that fuzzy low end with ease.

What strikes most from ‘Speaker Screamer’ is the flawless execution of the higher tier of frequencies where Synister (IN) keeps hats, claps and rolls in lucid coherence, giving the track plenty of drive without feeling forceful.

We’re looking forward to the rest of his ‘4am Raver’ EP which drops on Christmas Eve.

Listen to Synister (IN) ‘Speaker Screamer’ below and head over to Occultech Recordings’s Bandcamp for some Chrirstmas techno shopping.

Synister (IN) ‘4am Raver’ EP drops on Friday 24 December on Occultech Recordings.

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