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Premiere: Good Luck Chuck invite you to dance all night on their new single 'African'

The Singaporean artists aim to break out & refuse to be pigeon-holed as musicians

  • Winston West
  • 18 May 2021
Premiere: Good Luck Chuck invite you to dance all night on their new single 'African'

Standing out in the music industry can be difficult, but that is exactly what Good Luck Chuck intends to do. Good Luck Chuck is a group but it's also a story, the story of Chuck. Chuck is the alternate persona wielded by both Perk Pietrek and Direwulf. Chuck is a mystery, his unassuming nature may resemble your average next-door neighbour, however, there's something about him that you can't quite put your finger on.

The Singapore duo Good Luck Chuck may use music as their current medium of expression, but the group see themselves as a creative project with no boundaries. The duo lives by a do-it-yourself mantra that lends itself to their unique guerilla branding, composing and music production. Perk Pietrek is an acclaimed DJ and producer while Direwulf is a trained multi-instrumentalist. When they combine their talents the chemistry results in a sound profile that is explosive and ritualistic but maintains a memorable yet elated vibe.

'African' sets the mood for all-night dancing. Running on crisp drum tracks, a powerful guitar intro and hypnotic vocals, 'African' is the type of song that could power a variety of dance floors. The single is focussed on a four-four rhythm but dabbles on the edges of experimentation with the duo's utilization of varying sounds and styles. The vocals continually question the listener, walking them through a journey on a night out, while repeatedly encouraging them to dance all night.

Good Luck Chuck will present their debut EP 'Ups & Downs' later this month. While currently presenting in the medium of music, the EP comes merged with calculated sound design and creative writing. Every track carries its own identity and story, but the overarching theme is bridged together by the common traits of courage-building, breaking of social norms and capitalisation of time.

Good Luck Chuck's debut EP 'Ups & Downs' will be released on May 19, 2021 on all major streaming platforms. You can purchase it here.

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