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Lush Lata’s ‘Selects’ showcases sounds from India’s ever-evolving underground

The second instalment of Recording’s compilation series features trap, d’n’b & all things futuristic

  • Words: Henry Cooper | Image: Rishabh Chadha
  • 13 March 2024
Lush Lata’s ‘Selects’ showcases sounds from India’s ever-evolving underground

Lush Lata is the latest curator of Recording’s ‘Selects’ compilation series, offering a glimpse into India’s underground via seven handpicked tracks.

The ‘Selects’ series takes an always-changing curator and allows them to pick artists and tracks that represent both their curator and India’s current music scene, which is then released by’s label.

The project features contributions from MadStarBase, Zealotantrik, Insowmya, PAV4N x Sukh Knight, Captain Fuse x MUKT, Kalbaisakhi and ABHINAV.

Based in Delhi, Lush Lata is no stranger to the international circuit and effortlessly weaves genres, including hip hop, afro, tribal house, drum’n’bass, house, and much more into her sets. Her sound is showcased perfectly through her picks for this compilation project, acting as the perfect gateway to India’s underground.

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The percussion work in Kalbaisakhi’s ‘CQB’ immediately stands out, with rogue choices for a d’n’b cut making an appearance. The track also features textbook bass and fluid breakdowns, adding that intensity and urgency that’s needed for good drum’n’bass. Although it is only three minutes long, it has enough ideas packed into it that it could be ten minutes and still not stagnate.

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Mixmag Asia spoke with Lush Lata about the project, who said, "What really excites me about 'Lush Lata Selects' is that it's a compilation of all original tracks in the day and age of edits, mashups, and remixes. I truly feel blessed to have been able to work with such genius-level, skilled Indian electronic music producers who are always pushing the boundaries with their sound. I think it's a masterpiece."

Purchase ‘Lush Lata Selects’ here.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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