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Get through 83-minutes of isolation with a futuristic techno mix by Xhin

A mix that will get you through self-isolation

  • Rylee Chow
  • 27 March 2020
Get through 83-minutes of isolation with a futuristic techno mix by Xhin

Life in quarantine ain't easy but it sure is creative. We love the effort coming out of people trapped indoors from new music to ace memes, and even the occasional TikTok video has enthralled us. Best of all have been all the fresh mixes coming from bedroom DJs all over the world (which is every DJ since literally every artist is confined to their bedroom with a camera in place of a stage).

Up next is Singaporean DJ and producer Xhin, who has churned out an 83-minute mix of futuristic techno aimed at getting you through isolation with some brooding basslines. The mix, which is downloadable, features music by Japanese legend Ken Ishii, Autechre and Xhin himself.

Listen to it below and find the tracklist after it:


1. Autechre - wetgelis casual interval
2. Rec Overflow - Respect
3. Mordant Music - Filthy Danceheng
4. MC Lyte - 10% Dis
5. TAO - Sacrifice
6. Powell - Wharton Tiers On Drums
7. Morgan Ågren - Alap Clav
8. Amon Tobin - Journeyman
9. Autechre - 777
10. Kevin Gorman - DMX
11. Tensal - Bihotxak
12. J. Tijn - Fucklebucks
13. Ctrls - Externalizer
14. Lag - Kontrola
15. Hiroaki Iizuka - VC7
16. Ken Ishii - Let It All Ride
17. J. Manuel - Softer
18. Keep of Secret - X-1
19. Xhin - Time Spiral
20. Co-Fusion - Elm
21. AnD - Acoustic Oscillations
22. Basic Implant - Ohrenbluten2 (Acensor Remix)
23. Biomekanik - Tribalism
24. Peter Van Hoesen - Trim The Facts
25. Intergalactic Phonk - Charlie’s Revenge
26. The Martian - Ultraviolet Images
27. Clark - Harpsichord E.C.S.T.
28. Alex The Fairy - Under Dirt Finder’s Fee
29. Amon Tobin & Noisia - Sunhammer (VIP Version)

Xhin is lauded as one of Asia's most forward-thinking DJs and producers. He's been described as a 'sound futurist' and is an expert in building chaotic soundscapes using the more artistic elements of techno, ambient, experimental and bass. This is apparent in this latest mix, called '2020M01 Mix', which starts with an industrial noise reverb sound that's gradually layered with identical rhythms and techno vibes. This futuristic and funky soundscape is the foundation of the one and a half hour mix.

Xhin has been working on his cutting-edge music since 1997. In 2006, he signed to German independent record label Meerestief. Three years later he signed to Berlin-based label Stroboscopic Artefacts. Most recently, he was featured on 'Mothership', a collaborative project between Singaporean label Midnight Shift and Voitax. He was also one of the first Asian artists to play at the almighty Berghain in Berlin. Listen to his other productions here.

[Via RA]

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