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Four men linked to Bali nightclubs arrested with over 35kg of meth

Other substances found include cannabis, cocaine & MDMA

  • Mixmag Asia
  • 12 April 2022
Four men linked to Bali nightclubs arrested with over 35kg of meth

According to a press conference held by The Head of Public Relations for the Bali Police Department, Kombes Pol Syamsi, four men have been arrested in Bali for drug trafficking and possession of over 35kg of illegal substances.

A nightclub owner with the initials AAP was arrested along with three of his alleged partners, as the press conference confirmed, “These 4 drug dealers were arrested for drug trafficking and possessing a large amount of illegal substances.”

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Arrests seemed to have been made throughout the weekend, starting with a first arrest of two men with the initials KMS and KS in front of a nightclub on Friday, 4 April at 8pm, on Dhyana Pura in Seminyak, one of the more popular areas for beach clubs in bars on the island. They seized a small package of meth during the first arrest.

Both KMS and KS admitted during interrogation to receiving the seized narcotics from their partner AAP, who runs a club in Seminyak — AAP was then arrested at a villa in nearby Kerobokan later that day, and the police found over 35kg of crystal meth, 2kg of marijuana, hundreds of ecstasy pills, and some cocaine. AAP admitted to the the police that he had received the drugs from his friend with the initials KR.

KR was then arrested in his home in Jalan Pura Demak, Denpasar on Saturday, 9 April at 7:30am, where the police found 197 pills allegedly containing illegal substances hidden behind a calendar.

In total, according to Radar Bali, the following amounts of narcotics were seized: 35,182.66 grams of methamphetamine, 32 grams of cocaine, 2,669.4 grams of marijuana, 7.38 grams of MDMA, and 796 capsules weighing 151,29 grams. Other substances found include 49.14 grams of a pink powder and 1,280.6 grams of orange powder, 0.50 grams of psychotropic drug Vetamin and 500 tablets of Prohepel HCL.

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Kombes Pol Syamsi has confirmed that the arrested suspects are members of an organised crime syndicate in Bali, and an investigation to uncover the syndicate is underway.

Harsh capital punishments such as the death penalty exist in Indonesia, and has been regularly applied to drug traffickers.

At the point of press, the names of the suspects or the nightclubs have not been made public.

[Via Bali Sun]

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