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Lemna’s ‘Nodes’ becomes first release from Georgia's KHIDI Digital imprint

The Japanese producer’s EP seamlessly blends ambient soundscapes with elements of dark techno

  • Adrianna Cheung
  • 2 June 2023
Lemna’s ‘Nodes’ becomes first release from Georgia's KHIDI Digital imprint

‘Nodes’ is the solo EP by Japanese composer Maiko Okimoto, also known as Lemna, that’s just been released via KHIDI Digital — the label of Georgia’s prominent club KHIDI.

The six-track EP is a genre-bending production that showcases an experimental and rhythmic approach, seamlessly blending ambient soundscapes with dark techno.

KHIDI Digital is the label of Georgia's iconic club KHIDI and has become a hub for local artists to showcase their talent. Since 2016, the establishment has aimed towards building a strong community around the underground electronic music scene.

It also regularly hosts a roster of world-renowned artists, including names like Lorenzo Raganzini, OTHR, Paolo Ferrara, Under Black Helmet, Adiel, Lucy, 999999999 and Phase Fatale.

The recently launched digital platform promises to showcase cross-genre productions that reflect the ever-evolving world and its cultural environment.

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Its first release is from Lemna — an electronic music composer from Tochigi, Japan, who started dipping her toes and ultimately immersing herself in production after studying sound engineering.

With a focus on bridging the sounds of techno and avant-garde electronic music, KHIDI Digital’s goal is to foster a cultural awakening and challenge current aesthetic conventions in the sonic realm.

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In 2006, Okimoto was initially an MC/singer for drum'n'bass DJs in Tokyo. Now a beat purveyor herself, her music has evolved from drum'n'bass hybrids to a unique, rhythmically experimental style that blends ambient and techno elements. She debuted her Lemna persona in 2017 at a live performance at Berlin Atonal and has since been captivating audiences with one-off performances that feature freshly written music.

‘Nodes’ by Lemna is out now; order it here.

Adrianna Cheung is Mixmag Asia’s Culture Curator, follow her on Instagram.

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