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泊人ANKR presents new live session video with April Red & Wayne Shen

Merging nature & music, the latest ‘Camp on Rhythm’ edition showcases Taiwan’s breathtaking Huoyan mountain as its backdrop

  • Henry Cooper
  • 12 May 2023
泊人ANKR presents new live session video with April Red & Wayne Shen

Taiwan-based collective 泊人ANKR recently uploaded the latest edition of its video project series ‘Camp on Rhythm’. Set against the backdrop of the Huoyan mountain and recorded in a serene dry riverbed, this latest live session features vocals from the April Red duo (DJ Code Wu on synths and Shao Shih on vocals) and Wayne Shen on drums.

‘Camp on Rhythm’ is an outdoor session project conceived by the collective, fuelled by a shared passion for exploring the beauty of nature. For this project, 泊人ANKR collaborates with Taiwanese musicians, uniting their creative energies amidst various breathtaking locations. They have previously collaborated with artists such as INN, L8ching B E N N, Sonia Calico and Vice City.

In the video, we’re able to see several challenges in recording the session, car breakdowns and misplaced keys. Despite the disruptions, the whole team raced against the sun to capture the natural light for a live performance spectacle. After establishing camp, arranging the cameras and setting up music equipment, they caught the sunset just in time.

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The video showcases a collection of five tracks from April Red, with their music complementing the setting sun throughout the video. Stripped to its essence, the music comprises only vocals, drums and synths, all played masterfully and in perfect synergy with the natural environment.

2. Heart
3. Let Me Stay
4. Mystic Island
5. Sun

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The name 泊人ANKR derives from the fusion of "Anchor," symbolising a grounding point and mooring and the Chinese character "泊," which signifies a sense of wandering. The collective and its guest artists share a wanderlust and sense of community and friendship that’s palpable in the videos.

This episode is no different, with the camaraderie of the cast and crew being captured in the behind-the-scenes footage, while highlighting 泊人ANKR’s signature fusion of ambient and organic house music.

Watch 泊人ANKR’s latest ‘Camp on Rhythm’ episode below.

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Henry Cooper is an Editorial Intern at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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