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Experience the “science of sound integration” through kicks that let you (literally) feel the bass

DropLabs' super sleek 'EP 01' sneaker is all about elevating the music experience

  • Elaine Chung
  • 4 September 2020
Experience the “science of sound integration” through kicks that let you (literally) feel the bass

Technology today is all about elevating the music experience (lookin' at you Elon Musk). Well, DropLabs is lookin' out for you, too. Late last year, the company released an audio-enabled trainer called the 'EP 01' that delivers a full-body bass experience that's synced via Bluetooth to the music you're listening to — kinda like a body kinetic dance floor to get you in a Dance Dance Revolution kinda mood. And, get the most out of music, movies and games.

The US-based company soft-launched last yeah but just released a 'Triple Black Edition' variant as an upgraded version of the original 'EP 01' sneaker. Much like the originals, the sneakers use a patent technology with integrated audio control inserted in the centre of the sole which synchs audio from any connected device via Bluetooth to your feet, altogether vibrating through the soles to give you a full-on immersive music experience, to go. You can also use an app to customise your own experiences by adjusting the hue of the lights embedded within the sneaker (yep, they light up). And don't worry about damaging the shoes if you happen to splash anything onto them, the shoe is waterproof and has a battery life of more than six hours.

Imagine, feeling every beat in your body as you do in your ears. Apparently, you'll feel the vibrations from the guitar like you are right next to the performer.

The sneaker was invented by Brock Seiler, who works in the music industry and was inspired by feeling beats while sitting in on sessions at recording studios, and led by former Beats by Dre CEO Susan Paley, so the team know a thing or two about taking audio to a whole new level.

These aren't the first smart shoes technology on the market, however, like Nike's self-lacing function that detects pressure when you put the foot inside, or Digitsole's shoe that comes equipped with technology that can analyse health, fatigue, posture, steps and calories. However, DropLabs are the first-ever smart shoes that are created solely for music lovers — especially, electronic music lovers.

Elevate your musical experiences — whether it be music, movies or gaming — and get ready to rumble by feeling the sound all over your body.

Purchase the shoes here

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