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‘Saturn Return’ marks DEE EN’s comeback with 6 dreamlike, ethereal tracks

Putting forward their lo-fi haze & psychedelic soundscape, the EP is also enriched with collabs from fellow Indian artists

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 26 May 2024
‘Saturn Return’ marks DEE EN’s comeback with 6 dreamlike, ethereal tracks

DEE EN's latest EP 'Saturn Return' which dropped today (May 26) is bound to draw its listeners into ethereal realms.

Founded in New Delhi by three musicians from diverse parts of India, DEE EN—now a Goa-based duo—has carved a niche for themselves with their unique blend of lo-fi haze and psychedelic soundscapes.

Their previous works, 'Whoopsie Daisy' and 'Poppin'' were celebrated for their dream-like ambience, timeless essence, and innovative arrangements, earning them a loyal following, which continues to grow as they stay steadfast on more-or-less the same sonic trail.

“So far, we’ve released our work independently using resources and skills that we’ve picked up along the way,” the duo mentioned to Mixmag Asia. With 'Saturn Return,' DEE EN aims to expand the scope of South Asian experimental artists on the global stage.

Following extensive touring and a pandemic-induced hiatus, 'Saturn Return' emerges as a testament to the duo’s growth and artistic evolution.

'Saturn Return' encapsulates the themes of joy and melancholy reminiscent of their early work, but with the added depth that comes from added years of experience.

The EP's title, inspired by the astrological concept of Saturn's 29.5-year orbit signifying major life milestones, mirrors DEE EN's own journey of self-reflection and artistic maturation.

Standout track ‘Troglodyte’, which features the vocals of Sijya and is produced by Arpan, opens with a hypnotic blend of ambient sounds and intricate beats that set the stage for a dive into a soothing subterranean soundscape.

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DEE EN employs a variety of percussive elements, including crisp hi-hats, deep bass kicks, and snappy snares, which together create a complex and engaging groove. The use of reverb and delay effects creates an expansive auditory environment, echoing the concept of a troglodyte—a dweller of caves and hidden spaces.

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Sijya's vocal contributions add an ethereal quality to the track, as they’re woven into the fabric of the music, treated lightly with effects that make them blend seamlessly with the instrumental elements, enhancing the song's enigmatic atmosphere.

Purchase ‘Saturn Return’ here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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