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Sijya’s tracks get reworked by fellow artists for ‘Young Love’ remix EP

The eclectic follow up to ‘Young Hate’ showcases sonic works from both international names & fellow Indian producers

  • Words: Amira Waworuntu | Image: Bhushitendu
  • 19 May 2023
Sijya’s tracks get reworked by fellow artists for ‘Young Love’ remix EP

Sijya has released her remix EP titled ‘Young Love’ via Accidental Records on May 12. It follows up her breakthrough release ‘Young Hate’ and employs both international names and fellow Indian producers to expand on Sijya’s many-layered approach to songwriting.

Among those representing India are Dolorblind, Rounak Maiti, Pale Blue Dotter and Temporary Matter (made up of composer Amaan Khan and multi-instrumentalist Vasu).

Picked out from Accidental Records’ roster are the UK’s Crewdson (real name Hugh Jones) and Dominic Voz from the US who each bestow a rework of Sijya’s ‘No Words’ and ‘Another Thing’ respectively.

Switzerland’s Yanik Soland who happens to be a close connection of Sijya and whose career has blossomed alongside hers takes on the track ‘52’, adding dashes of percussive elements while staying true to the track’s atmospheric character.

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Each artist adds to the eclecticism of the release with their distinct take on Sijya’s original compositions, which she describes to Mixmag Asia as “Running between art-pop, art-rock, ambient and alternative electronica quickly enough to be never too similar to any of it.”

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Sijya herself is known for her profound passion for all things artistic, laying down textural abstractions of her inner monologue onto both musical and visual canvases. The musicians contributing to ‘Young Love’ each add their own flair in a truly diverse manner, with sounds that range from glitchy, brooding electronica to swirling ambient, rousing off-kilter house.

Listen to and purchase ‘Young Love’ here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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