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Dea & Mameen 3 bring meta-disco magic as they share the wax on 'West & East Vol 1'

The duo combine for the first in a globally-focused series from Fauve Records

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 16 November 2021
Dea & Mameen 3 bring meta-disco magic as they share the wax on 'West & East Vol 1'

Hong Kong's Fauve Records kick off a series of collaboratory EPs designed to criss-cross the Earth's surface in the search of the perfect beat. First to be called into action are Bali resident Dea Barandana and, from Belgium and Morocco respectively, the duo of DJ soFa & Cheb Runner under their Mameen 3 moniker.

The Fauve team show no sign of veering from their steadfast dance-making trajectory, following the announcement of the expansive re-launch of their much-loved Fauve Radio channel unfolding over the coming months. The label arm has been doing great things on the dance underground, too, and their latest offering is surely among their strongest releases to date. The concept of the 'West & East' series is delightfully simple: invite a pair of production outfits from distant latitudes to compose one track each, then remix one another's work before presenting the whole collection on a delicious slab of audio wax.

'West & East Vol 1' has been doing some serious subterranean damage since it landed in the boxes of a select list of tastemakers earlier this year, and now the vinyl is finally available to all having hit the stores yesterday.

The A-side opens with Mameen 3's 'Dada Glitter'. Steeped in shadowy exoticism, the nocturnal groove irresistibly unfolds over errant synth lines and growling bass before a proudly deviant top-line provides the undeniable hook. Dea's remix strips the rhythm while untethering the bass, magnificently emphasising the track's mysterious nature with a seductively meandering lead synth. On the flip side, recent Gudu Records signing Dea takes centre stage with his 'Mesopotamia' cut. On his boldly idiosyncratic arrangement, synth lines arrive in psychedelic waves as dub delays, fizzing claps and arpeggiated bass support the Moroccan-inspired lead synth and sparkling piano chords. Finally, Mameen 3 stay true to the original on their ever-so-slightly held down rework, making use of the track's primary parts while endless reverb tales add a sense of near-infinite space to the saucer-eyed groove.

This is breathtaking work all round and, after a long wait for the release to hit the stores, we're thrilled at the prospect of getting our hands on this delectable slab of vinyl.

'West & East Vol 1' by Dea & Mameen 3 is out now, you can buy it here