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DBRA drops ‘Melancholia’ as a way to ease into the new year with groove

Melancholia is a downtempo EP with 4 original tracks & a remix by Guy Maayan

  • Waiying Ho
  • 3 January 2022
DBRA drops ‘Melancholia’ as a way to ease into the new year with groove

For many artists, being stuck indoors really fueled an invisible energy to make people dance again. DJs and producers found themselves with more time than ever before to explore and hone their music-making abilities and many delivered musical outputs that reflected that extra time spent in the studio — and DBRA is at the top of that list.

The Bali-based artist released her final EP of 2021 on December 21 on Istanbul-based record label Dreams Way Music. Melancholia is a downtempo album with four original tracks and one remix by Guy Maayan. Each track combines elements of Balinese culture and atmosphere by incorporating traditional Indonesian instruments. And because the works were done during lockdown, the overall mood is lighter edged and feels relaxing over something destined for the dance floor.

DBRA’s intention with the productions were to inspire optimism — that’s why she put ‘Promise of a New Day’ as the last track of the album. See the full tracklist below:

1. 'Oh Marigolds (Original Mix)'
2. 'Melancholia (Original Mix)'
3. 'Oh Marigolds (Guy Mayaan Remix)'
4. '10 Roses (Original Mix)'
5. 'Promise of a New Day (Original Mix)'

Long known for casting hypnotic spells and enchanting melodies on dance floors across the Island of the Gods, Melancholia solidifies DBRA’s position as an artist whose music transcends the status quo and instead creates an exotic and captivating musical journey that unravels the intricate layers of global electronic music.

The addition of Tel Aviv based Guy Maayan on the EP is well matched. The artist has also been greatly influenced by multiculturalism and combines tribal instruments with deep electronic beats, Afro-house, indie and Mediterranean sounds into his music.

Listen to ‘Oh Marigolds (Guy Mayaan Remix)’ below.

Melancholia was released on December 21 via Dreams Way Music. Purchase it here.

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