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CRWN is leaving Manila behind for coastal residencies

The Filipino producer & DJ has been a favorite staple in the capital's nightlife scene

  • Samantha Nicole
  • 25 May 2021
CRWN is leaving Manila behind for coastal residencies

As a mainstay in countless local and global gigs, King Puentespina aka CRWN has lived many lives musically; along with it, a slew of followers and fans across genres and generations.

The beatmaker and multi-instrumentalist started out as a drummer for Filipino indie band, She’s Only Sixteen, and has since been on a mission to expand his horizons. From dipping his toes to bedroom music projects to becoming a full-blown electronic music producer and collaborator, it seems as if he’s done it all at the young age of 28 — until he made a decision to pack up and move to La Union, five hours away from Manila.

“I moved right at the tail end of my residency with Emerging Islands after being exposed to a lot of the people, the environment, and art, La Union was something of a dream that I didn’t know I had. So I decided to move,” he shares. “I’m planning to make art and music here full-time. Sharing the energy with all these amazing people is definitely on that list as well. Plus, I’m in the middle of making a studio with my friends. So, lots of great things ahead.”

With a recent exodus of creatives welcoming new-found inspiration north of the capital, it made sense for Puentespina to uproot and live up to what he has always believed in: learning something new. In his case, trying his knack with visual arts.

“I think it’ll help me really be in tune with my art internally and externally. The fact that you can throw your emotions, your anxiety, and your doubts out into the ocean is a big help in terms of creating and getting inspired. The energy here can really give you a lot of perspective.”

A flourishing career as a producer, musician, DJ, and now ticking yet another venture off his list, the road remains long and radical for Puentespina. Plus in true camaraderie fashion, he’s well-loved for, he’s keen on keeping his doors open for more artists to grow with.

“The studio is also a really exciting opportunity for artists to come over and have a space for them to just hang out and create.”

[Images via Purveyr, CNN, and Wonder Mag]