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Manila-based producer crwn steps out of a quarantine funk with a double track release 

Due to the prolonged lockdown in the Philippines, the artist found it hard to find inspiration...until now

  • Lia Savillo
  • 7 December 2020

Manila-based producer crwn has returned with a brand-new single, ‘Moment to Moment’ and its b-side companion ‘From Time to Time,’ under Pool Records—his first release since 2019’s successful Labyrinth EP.

While both tracks are sure to have you dancing alone in your room and reminiscing better times, the vibrant house and funk production didn’t come easy to crwn, also known as King Puentespina. Due to the prolonged lockdown in the Philippines, the producer who has consistently released music throughout the last eight years, found himself in a quarantine funk.

He told Mixmag Asia, “A lot of it was just trying to get into a new routine after the lockdown happened in Metro Manila. I was still trying to grasp what was happening to the world, and for the most part, I couldn’t get into a good creative space. It took around a month to make drafts and finalize some details—which took a lot longer than usual.”

The first track ‘Moment to Moment”'is driven by longing, tracing the movements that define life around him: live performance venues and clubs he’s performed in that have unfortunately shut down due to the pandemic.

“Honestly, I just wanted to dance again. I wanted to transport myself back to the clubs and shows and try to make a little moment in my day where I could experience that again,” crwn said.

While combating pandemic fatigue, crwn reflected on music’s place, as well as its absence, in an alternate reality brought upon by the pandemic--eventually rekindling his relationship with his music by building up a routine.

“For a while, everyone just felt hopeless and ran out of momentum. ‘Moment to Moment’ and ‘From Time to Time’ was sort of a reply to that feeling. By taking in things one at a time and trying to build that momentum back day by day,” crwn said.

The producer collaborated with illustrator Darlingkink for the distinctive visuals of ‘Moment to Moment’. He is also set to premiere visuals for ‘From Time To Time’ with selected poems by writer Gian Lao on December 27.

“It felt really natural to do collaborations again, especially with all the artists we worked with. It helped push my intentions and the story I wanted to convey. It was more of just a back and forth with everyone online and setting goals and deadlines,” he said.

Despite the initial creative rut, the producer is definitely back on track. Aside from his solo work, he’s also released The Other Side an EP featuring his work as drummer of alternative band, She’s Only Sixteen on November 27.

His advice for other creatives struggling to produce during these times? "Just keep a good daily routine and practice your craft. As long as you’re doing something even if it’s just adding and subtracting minuscule details to your work or project, it’s already a step forward,” he said.

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