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Could Borneo take off as a new destination for festivals?

April’s Borneo Music Festival will feature Alan Walker’s Malaysian debut

  • Wendy Jane
  • 17 February 2020
Could Borneo take off as a new destination for festivals?

Located at the geographic center of Maritime Southeast Asia, Borneo is a gorgeous tropical island politically divided by Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. This April 10-11, Borneo Music Festival Live 2020 will be the first-ever outdoor rave, in the city of Kuching.

Borneo has a typically South East Asian jumble of ethnicity – with Chinese, Malay, Banjar, Orang Ulu, Kadazan-Dusun and Dayak ethnic groups all represented. Sitting in the northwest coast of the island, Kuching is the third biggest city on the island,and also the capital city of Sarawak state of Malaysia.

Borneo Music Festival will take place in Sarawak Cultural Village, with a thick indigenous vibe and cultural focus. The village is a living museum of Malaysia’s native community, with its native beauty and sleepy pace – but soon dance music will take over for two days. It will also mark superstar Alan Walker’s second performance in Malaysia – along with names like Korea’s DJ Soda leading the way, plus Nicole Chen, Alex X, DJ X Factor and other young artists. The cultural mash up about to happen should be exciting and fun.

Borneo Music Festival will take place April 10 and 11, full line-up including Alan Walker, DJ Soda, DJ Alexis Grace, Nicole Chen, DJ X Factor, DJ Venom C, Moski Love, LFDY, Alex X, and Malaysian singers Rynn Lim, ThomasJack, Priscilla Abby, as well as very local Sarawak’s artists At Adau, Tuku Kamek, DJ Chaca Feroza, DJ Myvax and DJ Ice-cream.

Borneo Music Festival takes place from April 10 - 11 at the Sarawak Cultural Village. Tickets are available here.

[Via Borneo Music Festival Live 2020, Sarawak Cultural Village]

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