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Pal Hwang Dan announces third release on Chinabot

The album, ‘2013-2021 Seoul’, is due for release on November 19

  • 20 October 2021
Pal Hwang Dan announces third release on Chinabot

Korean musician Pal Hwang Dan has announced the release of his new album, ‘2023-2021 Seoul’ with Chinabot. It will be his third release on the label, having released his first two albums - ‘Saneopseonjip’ and ‘A Length of Line’ on the label too, in 2018 and 2020 respectively.

Dan moved to Seoul in 2013 - hence the name of this third album. The tracks display his vision, with the opening ‘Usadan-ro’ providing off-kilter pop alongside a music video which shows Dan simply dancing around his small city apartment.

Other tracks involve melancholic spoken-word and harmonicas, as well as exploratory vocals and melodies.

On the album, Dan says: “I grew up in Anyang City. After I became an adult, I lived in Seoul for a long time. But Seoul always felt foreign to me”, hinting further at his intentions and meanings behind the latest release.


1. Usadan-ro
2. 13 Years
3. While Walking
4. Eschatology
5. Insect
6. If
7. Dongjak
8. Falling
9. Gapo
10. Gwisin Helicopter
11. 19800 Won
12, Jungchon Alpine Club
13. Photo
14. Far Away
15. Tail Wing
16. Beyond The Stars (feat. Tearfarm)

The release will be available digitally here and on cassette. You can keep up-to-date with Pal Hwang Dan here.