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Check out Peggy Gou's pop-up recording studio in Bali

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  • Mixmag Asia Staff
  • 8 February 2018

Peggy Gou was in Bali recently where she spent the last two weeks of 2017, and several more end of years before that, meditating and healing as well as recharging her vibes and energy. Bali's has got a good reputation for that.

This time, the Berlin-based Korean DJ played at Potato Head Beach Club alongside Larry Heard and stayed at the neighboring Katamama Hotel, which Gou says was the “best hotel I've ever been to.”

While there, the hotel set up two turntables, two CDJs and a mixer so that Gou could record her latest RA podcast from her hotel room and it ended up being the hotel room of our dreams, probably yours too and you can get in touch with Katamama if you're interested too.

Disclosure also set up shop at the Katamama Hotel and helped the team debut their creator series, a new initiative where they invite artists from all disciplines to stay at the hotel to create music, art or work on social projects.

Katamama is the latest addition to the Potato Head family and it looks out over the iconic Potato Head Beach Club in Bali. The hotel's striking design blends traditional Balinese culture with contemporary craftsmanship and is the stuff every designer’s dreams are made of.

See pictures of the in-room pop-up studio above.

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