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Charlotte de Witte launches a collaborative soy sauce called 'Tears Of Soy'

The condiment marries traditional Chinese flavors with Belgian beer culture & heritage

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 13 February 2023
Charlotte de Witte launches a collaborative soy sauce called 'Tears Of Soy'

Soy sauce is a popular condiment originating in 500 B.C. China, and is also Charlotte de Witte's food topping of choice.

"People who know me well know i have a slight addiction for soy sauce," the artist said in a social post.

The Belgian DJ recently released her own version of the condiment, called 'Tears of Soy'. The sauce is a collaboration with Tomasu, an independent soy sauce brewery in Rotterdam run by BoerBakkerBert BV, which is known for its traditional Japanese brewing methods and high-quality ingredients. It also calls itself "the first and so far only microbrewed soy sauce in Europe." Together, they spent three years developing the recipe for 'Tears Of Soy'.

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De Witte says her sauce is a premium product that strongly connects with the Belgian beer culture and heritage.

Tomasu wrote on its website that "Charlotte turned out to be rather specific when it comes to flavors. That directed us into the world of hop. Next to hop being an interesting combination between freshness and delicate bitterness… it's also quite a cool link to Charlotte's Belgian roots."

"Ideal to spice up your dish," it continued.

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Tears of Soy is a limited edition capsule collection and one bottle costs €25.00. You can buy it here.

Olivia Wycech is Mixmag Asia’s Culture Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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