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New board game invites players to build their own techno empire

Monopoly ain’t got nothing on ‘Business Techno: The Game’

  • Miki Kitasako
  • 29 November 2022
New board game invites players to build their own techno empire

Rave night has turned into game night with the arrival of the ‘Business Techno: The Game’ board game for techno lovers around the globe. If you love Monopoly and have been part of the underground dance music scene, this could be the perfect addition to your upcoming Xmas festivities.

Created by a Polish festival called ‘Up To Date Festival’ and FOMO Klub, this game invites players to build their own dance music empire by purchasing properties, earning coins (undoubtedly the Techno Coin that’s available in the crypto space), gaining followers and involves the good ol’ question of taking the red or blue pill.

The Techno Coin currency can be used for paying followers, increasing social media reach and even purchasing content that levels up your player’s status as an influencer — quite a reflection on what’s been occurring in the scene lately, to be honest.

The game is catered to a group of two to six dance music aficionados and it features clubs, festivals, institutions and events that have been an integral part of the underground club culture from Poland, Detroit, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Berlin, London and Dubai. Missing out on some Asian spaces, but maybe we’ll see that in V2…

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While this is all fun and games for those who has been part of the underground dance music scenes, this could also educate those who may have a thing or two to learn about the roots of where it all began.

The game’s ecosystem and goals also breach into certain dialogues about the current status of dance music today and the realities of it all. The description on the site states “Business Techno: The Game is pure fun and entertainment. Be warned, however – this is only the surface. The message of the game comes from the depths.”

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Unfortunately, the creators club FOMO Klub in Białystok, Poland had their last hurrah last weekend due to financial struggles from the pandemic — a sad, reoccurring situation that has wiped out many of our favourite spots around Asia as well.

To purchase this board game in time for Xmas, click here.

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Miki Kitasako is Mixmag Asia’s Social Media and Content Producer, follow her on LinkedIn.