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Bottlesmoker embark on first trip to South Asia for ‘Namaste Tour 2023’

The duo’s performances will include a live improvisation act with soundscapes & traditional Bangladeshi dance

  • Waiying Ho
  • 9 January 2023
Bottlesmoker embark on first trip to South Asia for ‘Namaste Tour 2023’

Indonesian duo Bottlesmoker have announced their ‘Namaste Tour 2023’ that will see them travel to India, Nepal and Bangladesh throughout January.

Performing at festivals, mini showcases and clubs, the pair’s performance will also include a live improvisation act with soundscapes and traditional Bangladeshi dance.

Held from January 13 to 21, peek the dates for Bottlesmoker’s “Namaste Tour 2023” below.

Initially they were invited to perform at Mumbai’s Kula Fest — an event that gathers tattoo, music and performance art artists and enthusiasts. Angkuy mentions how the duo thought “This would be a good start for us to continue our exploration in South Asia, especially India. Luckily news of our tour came to our several friend’s acknowledgement in Nepal and Bangladesh,” which drove the duo to continue their tour there.

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The ‘Namaste Tour 2023’ will mark Bottlesmoker’s first post-pandemic tour and first sojourn in South Asia. “I’m beyond happy that we can finally hit the road again with the tour; it will open the gates for many more upcoming tours in 2023,” says Nobie.

Based in the West Java capital of Bandung, the duo was supposed to travel to the Netherlands, America, Singapore and Taiwan between 2020-2022. Obviously COVID-19 had them cancel those plans, but the duo are now prepared to hit the stages around the globe, bringing forth their far-flung sounds of ecstatic electronic synth combined with indigenous Indonesian rhythmic patterns.

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Anggung “Angkuy” Suherman and Ryan “Nobie” Adzani as Bottlesmoker are known for their fascination towards exploring different types of music, manifesting that passion into anything from soothing ambient sounds to improvisational psychedelic resonances and even tribal and techno.

Stay up to date with Bottlesmoker by following them on Instagram here.

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