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A new Japan-inspired listening bar is opening in Berlin next month

Bar Neiro will serve up artisan cocktails and a high-fidelity soundsystem

  • 25 March 2023
A new Japan-inspired listening bar is opening in Berlin next month

A new listening bar called Bar Neiro is scheduled to open in Berlin on April 6.

Inspired by the ‘jazz kissas’ of Japan, it offers a custom built “vintage high-fidelity soundsystem and acoustically-designed interior” designed by recording engineer Erik Breuer, and all music soundtracking the space will be vinyl LPs played from front to back.

In-house designed cocktails taking inspiration from Japanese bar culture will also be served, alongside a wine and spirits selection.

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Bar Neiro is a venture from the Analogue Foundation, a collective enterprise that values analogue experiences.

Speaking to RA, Breuer said: “The ethos of analogue is one of craft, attention, care and beauty–we're looking forward to hosting guest selectors and bar patrons who enjoy this ethos as much as we do.”

Bar Neiro is located on Ohmstraße in Mitte, and will be a sister space to the hereby Brewery Studios.

Find out more and book a table at

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Find details of the components of Bar Neiro’s soundsystem below.

Garrard 301 turntable
A23 Hommage platter mat
Schick 12″ tone arm
Audio-Technica AT-ART1000 MC cartridge
Audio-Technica VM 750 SH MM cartridge

Shindo Cortese 300b power (WE300b tubes)
Shindo Monbrison preamp

Altec A5 speakers:
Western Electric 825 cabinets
Altec 515b woofers
Altec 1505b horns
Altec 288c compression drivers
Fostex T90A

All speaker cables and interconnects by Auditorium23

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