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Audio Asia: Strolling on serene shores with Westseven's 'The Station House'

​Returning to Soul De Anima before the end of the year


  • Winston West
  • 25 November 2021
Audio Asia: Strolling on serene shores with Westseven's 'The Station House'

Title: The Station House
Artists: Westseven
Label: Soul De Anima
Release Date: 29 October, 2021

When we last caught up with Westseven he was delivering Soul De Anima's 10th release with the blissful, deep and melodic single 'Go Right Through' to kick off 2021. Unsurprisingly, this track found it's way into the playlists of DJ's across the globe and re-released in a remix pack with versions from Gullen and Sound Quelle. Each version of the release later found their way into compilation releases via LW Recordings and Nothing But.

Now on the heels of additional 2021 EP releases via When We Dip XYZ and Colorize (Enhanced), Westseven takes the year full circle by returning to Soul De Anima with his latest effort Shelter EP. This release abandons his trademark vocals application in favour of an instrumental approach, the results are enchanting and the standout track has to be 'The Station House'.

Westseven's signature melancholy progressive style is on full display with warm synths alongside gentle pad work that craft a gently rolling sound profile. The clippity-clop drums and key melody of the intro sets the stage for the coming and going of other plucky percussion while also settling us in for the idyllic audio experience that lays ahead. A variety of synth and key melodies are set to work in a back and forth style like they are competing for the spotlight. The slow pace of the production floats beautifully as heavenly melodies are delicately interwoven for our ears. On 'The Station House', Westseven goes the distance and delivers a sizable dose of serenity, perfect for closing out his Shelter EP.

While 'The Station House' is our top choice of the workload, Shelter EP delivers a delicious variety of styles that range from the living room to the dancefloor. The release is abundant with synth work and warm pads. Tasteful percussion combinations of kicks, claps, snares, brushes, rimshots and the lot are applied to create the signature Westseven rhythms. The EP features progressive grooves in the style of 'The Station House' and 'Lux', organic and downtempo vibes in 'Shelter' and 'Everybody Deserves Sunshine' and classic Westseven production on 'Break The Cycle', the only vocal track of the release.

Westseven 'The Station House' is out now on the Shelter EP via Soul De Anima and you can get it here.

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