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Audio Asia: Westseven's latest single sets our mind adrift on memory bliss

​'Go Right Through' sends us back to the beach for memorable moments


  • Rory Kirkham | Powered by Pioneer DJ
  • 19 November 2020
Audio Asia: Westseven's latest single sets our mind adrift on memory bliss

Title: Go Right Through
Artist: Westseven ft. Angus Powell
Label: Soul De Anima
Release Date: Out now

Have you ever let music deliver you to a different place or time? I often close my eyes when listening to a song only to find myself transported to a specific moment or memory. These are often rich with texture, vivid and remembered with crystal clarity. Sometimes it's the most subtle detail of a track that triggers it. In this instance, the gentle percussive wind chimes in the intro of 'Go Right Through' remind me of days spent laying out on the beachfront of Koh Lanta with the breeze lightly blowing across my face and the feeling of the sun on my skin. I could really use that moment right now. Perhaps Westseven feels the same after temporarily relocating back to the UK from Southeast Asia. A yearning to be back on the beaches of Thailand playing venues like Jungle Experience, Ku Club or Cha Cha Moon as was normal for him just a couple of years ago.

'Go Right Through' marks the 10th release via the Soul De Anima imprint, the eclectic label founded in Kuala Lumpur that boasts a steady output of soulful electronica. The single also marks label boss Westseven's first on the label this year. Vocals on the track are provided courtesy of Angus Powell. The two artists found time to collaborate in a West London studio near the end of the summer and were able to craft this alluring release. If this song was ice cream the pair would fit together like mint and chocolate chips.

While straightforward in nature, 'Go Right Through' has intangible characteristics that contribute to its appeal. The drums are steady but softened around the edges, maintaining a moderate pace for dance floors to find their groove. The percussion creates the backdrop for the artists to bring the single to life, the rich uplifting key progression provides the perfect stage for Angus Powell to present his incredibly sultry vocals. When the synth comes in around the 1:40 mark, the track takes form in perfect sunset fashion. Adding just enough energy to keep bodies moving through the twilight hours. 'Go Right Through' is a solid addition to the already quality catalogue housed at Soul De Anima and is sure to find its way into the playlists of DJs setting the backdrop for sunsets across the beaches of Southeast Asia and beyond.

The B side features a club edit of the lead single. The original 4/4 rhythm abandoned in favour of a more random syncopation of drums. The song has a bit more punch to it while leaving the majority of the original production intact. Once again, Angus' vocals spill perfectly over the rich chords and progressions that Westseven has carefully crafted.

Westseven experienced an incredible 2019, seeing his tracks released via City Fox, Click, Bedrock and Anjunadeep with rotation from top global artists including Jody Wisternoff, John Digweed, Dixon, Solomun and even Joris Voorn. This release should fit in nicely with Westseven's existing archive of releases and champions a return to form for the producer in an otherwise tumultuous year of 2020. Since launching Soul De Anima in 2017, Westseven has been hard at work, we expect the best is yet to come.

'Go Right Through' is available now via Soul De Anima on Beatport here

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