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Arushi Jain’s ‘Delight’ is a blissful statement of serenity, wonder & self-love

The highly ambitious project is introspective not just for the artist, but for every listener

  • Henry Cooper
  • 5 April 2024
Arushi Jain’s ‘Delight’ is a blissful statement of serenity, wonder & self-love

Composer, vocalist, and synthesist Arushi Jain unveils her latest musical odyssey, ‘Delight’, now available on Leaving Records.

In the release, Jain seamlessly melds contemporary electronic music with the timeless essence of traditional Indian classical idioms, resulting in a mesmerising sonic journey that both celebrates and explores her cultural roots.

While her debut LP ‘Under the Lilac Sky’ delved into themes of time, space, and the fleeting beauty of sunsets, ‘Delight’ takes listeners on a slower, more introspective voyage through Jain's personal narrative. It’s much more ambitious in every aspect and beckons the audience to embark on their own inner exploration, resonating with the soul-searching melodies and intricate layers of sound.

Crafted amidst the serene solitude of retreat in Long Island, the album was born in a makeshift studio nestled within an abandoned seaside dwelling, enveloped by the serenity of wildlife and nature. This environment infused the album with a sense of clarity and tranquillity, evident in every meticulously crafted production choice.

Expanding her sonic palette, Jain introduces a diverse array of instruments, including cello, classical guitar, marimba, flute, and saxophone, seamlessly interwoven with rich Indian classical vocals and modular synthesis. This eclectic fusion heralds a new era for the artist, pushing the boundaries of her creative expression.

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Attempting to single out a standout track from ‘Delight’ would be a disservice to the project as a whole. It's a captivating journey that demands to be experienced in its entirety. It’s one of those projects that you put aside 45 minutes for, take yourself somewhere secluded and give it your full attention as it immerses you in its lush, evocative soundscapes. It’s only April, but this one will almost definitely be making our end-of-year lists.

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The inspiration for the project is ‘Raga Bageshri’. Raga is a melodic framework used in Indian classical music, and Bageshri is said to convey the feeling of yearning to reunite with a loved one. The beloved Jain invokes throughout ‘Delight’ is not a lover, as Bageshri calls for, but delight itself.

“Bageshri embodies the realisation that you have unknowingly fallen deeply in love. It triggers within me immense devotion, juxtaposed with a poignant acknowledgement of suffering; for love as immense is often challenging to reciprocate,” Jain writes.

“We come into this world alone, and we leave alone. Despite this knowledge, the human capacity for love is without reservation, which I find magnanimous.”

Purchase Arushi Jain ‘Delight’ here.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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