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Apple files patent for MacBook Pro that can transform into a turntable

According to a patent, the "modular computing device" would be able to switch from laptop to a controller

  • Becky Buckle
  • 11 August 2023
Apple files patent for MacBook Pro that can transform into a turntable

Apple have filed a patent that includes information on its Macbook Pro transforming into a DJ turntable.

The document outlines that the laptop would be able to detach and be remodelled into a controller.

As a “modular computing device” parts such as the keyboard and the touchpad module would be removed by the user when wanting to use the laptop as a DJ turntable.

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Illustrations within the patent also demonstrate how this transformation would occur.

Using motion sensors, the laptop-turned-decks could be use for mixing and scratching tracks.

The document however does not word its use as a DJ controller only graphics included suggest this.

Even as Apple continues to grow, its older products are still just as exciting for some as last week saw a first generation 2001 Apple iPod has just been sold for a record breaking $29,000.

The iPod had been on a shelf in Piano, Texas where it had remained in the original Apple sleeve and store blue bag since Christmas of 2001, after being gifted by a teenager from his parents.

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It was originally purchased for $399 plus tax at Willowbrook Mall’s at the then-newly opened Apple store.

According to the owner of the iPod, Rob Petrozzo, he “didn’t know what to do with it” when he first got the gift and paid little attention to it in the days after, “so he put it on a shelf and then, inevitably time passes.”

According to 9to5Mac, 61.98% of shareholders voted in favour of accepting the offer. Without counting for inflation, the iPod’s original $399 price has seen a 73 fold increase in the last 21 years.

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