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A Mountain of One's 'Stars Planets Dust Me' is a truly otherworldly experience

The duo's first album in over a decade is out today.

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 6 May 2022
A Mountain of One's 'Stars Planets Dust Me' is a truly otherworldly experience

A Mountain of One’s steady crescendo of hype has finally amounted to the new beginning and reformation in music that the eclectic duo have been striving for.

Their third album to date, ‘Stars Planets Dust Me’ evokes a sensual motif of time and space, and Mo Morris and Zeb Jebsen have truly captured their understanding of futurism, nowness and civilization under one grand and spiritual umbrella.

Tapping into their vast and deep global network of artists, the ‘Stars PlanetsDust Me’ experience brings together an impressive gathering of like-minded folk including Ricardo Villalobos, Dennis Bovell MBE, The Woodentops, Dip In The Pool, Dick Sweeney, Hugh Burns and Richard Noris.

As the duo built up their album promo over the last 10 months, they gave us a chance to wade in the calming waters and the brisk vibes of a surreal naturality through ‘Dealer’, and immerse in the short film produced for the album's title song, as well as get a dose of Ricardo's blissful interpretation of 'Black Apple Pink Apple'. Check out the VR concept the band created with NYX VX for 'Custards Last Stand', that was built on the Unity Games platform here, and the new video by German photographer and director Mat Neidhardt for 'Star' below.

‘Stars Planets Dust Me’ is more than just timely — it’s a sonic reminder of who we are and why on earth we are here, sorry, why we are here on Earth. It begs for introspective endeavours, a call for redefining our systems and beliefs, and mostly to realign with music that encapsulates our very own and individual senses of the greater cosmos.

Expect a stunning range of Balearic sensibilities, forward-thinking dance music and an infinite flow of feel-good factors that we all oh-so-need in music right now.

A Mountain Of One ‘Stars Planets Dust Me’ is out now on Amore. Get your copy here and enjoy the music below.

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