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The Guest List: Eddie C's soul soothing selection

Who remembers his glorious morning set from Neramit Stage at Wonderfruit 2019?

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 18 May 2022

Undoubtedly one of the most recognised producers in the slo-mo and edits scene of the dance world, Canadian-born Eddie C has relentlessly delivered impeccable releases over the decade and half.

Label owner, DJ, producer and edit specialist — to Eddie, his accolades and roles purely stem from collecting records and how he's made that his way of life. Music may be borderless to artists like Eddie, but somehow, he has a knack for framing his auditory tastebuds into wonderfully eclectic grooves that hit you where you need it most. He's a soul-smacker.

His DJ sets are fuelled with fuzzy warmth and passion: if you were at the last full-scale Wonderfruit festival in 2019, and made it to Sunday morning, you'll still be basking today in vividly joyous memories of Eddie's celestial set at the Neramit Stage in the early hours of the sun's awakening.

On that positive note, it only seemed apt, especially with our return to normalcy after a longing hope for COVID's exodus, we reached out to the slo-mo-maestro upon the release of his uplifting single 'I Wonna Know', for 10 soul soothing tunes.

We guarantee you'll be moving and decompressing at the same time to Eddie C's selection below.

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Terry Riley 'A Rainbow in Curved Air'

A musical remedy if there ever was one. Terry Riley’s minimalist masterpiece hits all the right notes and creates an atmosphere of pure peace of mind and happiness. I love his ecstatic face on the cover.

Tetsu Inoue 'Ambient Otaku' (Full Album)

My favourite ambient work of all time on my favourite label of all time, Pete Namlook’s Fax Records. 1994 in all its chillout glory. The mystery of whatever happened to Tetsu Inoue adds to the intrigue.

Pharoah Sanders 'The Creator Has A Master Plan'

Surrender! What better way to heal than to allow the Creator to have the master plan and just go with it. Peace and happiness for every man! Peace and happiness through all the land!

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Miles Davis 'Live at Isle of Wight 1970'

Listen to what Keith Jarret has to say about energy and music. And then listen to this masterpiece of a concert. What a lineup! What an incredible time!

    Rodigan 'Dust a Soundbwoy in Jamaica'

    Rodigan is the champion! I love this performance and all the dubplates are just insane. This is what the joy of sharing music with people is all about. But it’s even better for someone like David Rodigan. One of the YouTube comments hits the nail on the head: “Whenever I’m listening to my favourite reggae cuts, I always think ‘I love this song but it would be SO MUCH COOLER if the lyrics were about me & how fucking awesome I am.’ David Rodigan doesn’t have that problem.”

    Tom & Jerry 'Maximum Style'

    Something from ‘94 that can instantly make me feel 18 again driving around my hometown in an old Volkswagen with a boomin’ system. I used to bounce between jungle and techno all the time in the early 90s. A good way to cleanse the palate.

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    The Martian 'Stardancer'

    The magic and the mystery of what this music was when it first came out cannot be overstated. It came from planet Detroit! Try and hear it with the innocence and fervour of the time and you will release your mind. Your ass may follow.

      Romanthony 'Testify' (Soul Vamp)

      Catch the holy spirit with this repetitive gospel house masterpiece! If you know how to DJ, this absolutely destroys.

        Minako Yoshida 'Town'

        One of the very best disco records and perhaps the most “city” sounding record I can think of. I grew up on a farm in rural Canada. This is the opposite of that in every conceivable way.

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          Eddie C presents L.J Simon ft. Idriss 'I Wonna Know'

          I was very lucky to continue DJing into late 2020 in Berlin. The bar I was playing was where I met LJ Simon who was also holding down a DJ residency there. As it turned out, we shared similar tastes in Disco, Funk and “mid(tempo)life crisis” music and were both attempting to produce music like this of our own. His collaboration with Idriss is a beautiful story and I feel very fortunate to have contributed my take on their compositions and share their music with the world. I don’t know what I would have done without music for the past two years.

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          Eddie C presents L.J Simon ft. Idriss 'I Wonna Know' is out now on Soul Clap Records. Grab your copy here.

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