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The Guest List: ​Breakbot & Irfane unearth 10 tracks that serve as a 'Remedy'

We dialled the disco doctors at Ed Banger Records to cure our pandemic blues

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 18 March 2022

It’s hardly fiction that music heals. It’s your paracetamol, and my turmeric. Music cures. Music is ‘Remedy’.

The pandemic blues requires us to keep in good spirits, find joy and approach life with silver linings. Always injecting our lives with sonic energy is Ed Banger artist Thibaut Berland, familiarly known to us as Breakbot.

The French musician and producer is known for his infectious and flavourful palette of French house, electro, disco, indie, funk and synthpop, and notably often with fellow-French vocal charmer Irfane. From their chart hit ‘Baby I’m Yours’ to their most recent collaboration ‘Remedy’, we’ve always found their sound to be positively and easily transcendent.

With the pandemic blues in mind, and a nod to their recent release ‘Remedy’ on Ed Banger Records which you can check out here, we invite disco doctors Breakbot and Irfane to The Guest List to unearth 10 tracks that serve as a remedy.

The Whispers 'Contagious' (1984)

"One of the longest-lasting soul/funk outfits with very consistent output. When they moved labels from Janus to SOLAR (Sound of LA Records) in the late seventies, the sound of the band was rejuvenated and suddenly came to define modern funk and boogie, which has been one of our greatest sources of inspiration. Infectiously groovy."

​Suzanne Ciani 'The Fifth Wave' (1982)

"Ciani is a true pioneer of electronic music. Listening to this delicate ballad, one will notice many of the ingredients of modern house and techno, from the Roland TR-808 drum machine to the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 keyboard. Not to mention Ciani's masterful use of the Buchla 200. Years ahead of her time..."

​Synergy 'Delta One' (1979)

"One of the lesser known outfits of the Berlin School, spearheaded by Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, Synergy gives us raw electronic contemplative pleasure on this relentless track. Behold!"

​Dabeull 'DR. Fonk' (2019)

"Our man in Brussels with that funky sound!! We've loved Dabeull's output from the get-go and he's probably one the only doctors we're not afraid of going to for a check-up. Here he teams up with Rude Jude and Rush Davis for a track that tastes like a yummy bubble-gum filled lollipop. Call the dentist!"

​Fort Romeau & Panthera Krause 'Omicron 8' (2021)

"Two of our favourite contemporary electronic producers' joint effort. We love their uniqueness, which is a rare feat when so many things sound the same nowadays. Both FR and PK have managed to find their sound, which brings us much joy and always keeps us on the lookout for their next release."

​Gayle Adams 'Emergency' (1982)

"To think that this rare gem was destined never to see the light of day! Appearing on a test pressing, the song was initially discharged for reasons we will never really understand. Luckily for us, it was found, dusted and repressed almost four decades later. Thank you."

​​The System 'You Are In My System' (1982)

"This is the original, although Robert Palmer covered the song the following year and gave it new fame. Fun fact : the band's name came from David Frank's extensive use of Oberheim gear, which created his "System" for producing. Probably one of the nastiest basslines of the time and a remarkable use of space between the music. Effortlessly sexy."

​Phoenix 'If I Ever Feel Better '(2000)

"The french band that made us realize you didn't have to be hard to be cool. Amidst the heavy french house releases of the year 2000, this tune felt like a breath of fresh air, finding its inspiration in the west coast sound of the seventies that we hold so dearly in our hearts. Humble brag : we saw Beyonce dancing like crazy to this song at Coachella years ago..."

​Funkadelic 'Dr. Funkenstein' (1976)

"They say the bigger the headache, the bigger the pill, baby. Call me the big pill. Dr Funkenstein". Well ok then, doctor!"

Breakbot & Irfane 'Remedy' (2022)

"The best song we ever heard with the best music video we ever saw. Rumour has it that the artists are real pretentious pricks though... But who cares, right?"

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