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The Guest List: Ensure autumn lasts forever with 10 tracks from Qrion

Her debut album 'I Hope It Lasts Forever' drops this Friday on Anjunadeep

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 27 October 2021

Even for those in Asia living along the equator, this time of year rings in the end of summer, and an ever so slight cool-down. It marks a change in pace, direction and emotion, especially when it comes to our playlists!

The post-summer blues often induce an extra urge for intimacy, close-gatherings and thoughts towards loved ones. It just so happened recently, that while in conversation with Qrion about her forthcoming album 'I Hope It Lasts Forever' which drops this Friday 29 October on Anjunadeep, she touched on her childhood memories around her family, and her early move from Sapporo to San Francisco, which changed her life in amplified ways. It was the small moments that made for great strides as she grew into the shoes of one of the world's leading female paragons on the music circuit.

With her tour schedule quickly filling up and her debut album about to drop in two days, we asked Qrion to spare a few moments to share her current favourites during this time of year. And to no surprise, we've got 10 mood-filled, emotive and groove-laden gems to share with you, including her latest single 'Proud'.

Sunda Arc 'Hymn'

Hymn by Sunda Arc is one of my all-time favorite tracks. It’s sentimental and sad that reminds me of cold winds in my hometown Sapporo as the seasons are changing from Autumn to winter. I cried when I listened to it for the first time.

Sofia Kourtesis 'La Perla' (Tourist Remix)

I love the synths in this track. The chord progressions are so beautiful.

​Race Banyon 'Attention'

The contrast of his voice and soft pads are so good. I'm such a big fan of his music. 'Pressure' is also a good track of him.

​Qrion 'Proud'

I think this track is the happiest/most danceable track in the album. I really can't wait to play this out on my tour!

​DJ Seinfeld 'Walking With Ur Smile'

There is an epic 7th pluck bass in this. How he chopped the vocal sample is cool too, I learned a lot from it from a production side.

​Jurgen Paape 'Mit Dir'

I found this track while exchanging the Spotify playlist with my friend. I like how we can find banger tracks from the '00s easily nowadays. That side-chained sample is so beautiful.

Jesper Ryom 'Viewpoint'

His productions are amazing. I am so happy that I discovered his track through Shazam when I was at a local gift shop in the UK.

​Sonarpilot 'The Last Machine' (Atjazz Rudinova Dub)

Atjazz is one of my all-time favourite artists too. His remix works are brilliant. I like his old stuff from the '00s as well.

​Cornelius SA 'Eye Of The Beholder'

I often play this track in my sets. The strings and piano are so beautiful. I can't wait to listen to his new stuff in the future.

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