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Pump up the rainbow: Events in Asia that'll make you dance with pride

A list of unapologetic celebrations to attend this month that are a manifesto of freedom, equality and the relentless pursuit of quality beats

  • Henry Cooper
  • 5 June 2024

In recent years, the spotlight on Pride in Asia has been steadily intensifying. While acknowledging there's still a long road ahead, it's heartening to witness an increasing number of countries embracing acceptance, openness, and equality like never before.

As June unfolds, the LGBTQIA+ community takes centre stage in a vibrant celebration across the region and globe.

From extravagant parties to thought-provoking discussions, the spirit of celebration has deep roots within the LGBTQIA+ community, tracing back to the pulsating beats of disco, house, techno, and rave culture since the 1970s. Icons like Frankie Knuckles, Honey Dijon, Larry Levan, K-HAND and DJ Minx, and venues such as The Stonewall Inn, Paradise Garage, Heaven and Chessmate have indelibly shaped electronic music, infusing it with the vibrancy of queer expression.

This culture that was laid down has evolved and helped shape Asia’s scene, making pride not only a month’s worth of celebration but an ongoing effort to keep the roots of dance culture as raw and true as the pioneers made it.

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While pride parades and parties are going on throughout Asia, we're shining a spotlight on a select few events that epitomise the diverse tapestry of queer celebration across the continent. From open deck mixers to visionary artist talks, and day-long festivals to pride pet parades, there's something for everyone to revel in.

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The season has already seen the kickoff of spectacular events like Miss Homo in Singapore, featuring electrifying performances by HAAi and RAUMTESTER at the prestigious MLDR—and this is just the beginning.

As more events are announced and unfold throughout the month, this list will continuously be updated, and given that Asia is becoming more accepting and forward-thinking, we’re certain many more impressive, wild and always-exciting events are coming our way.

June 8

Bangkok's own YUMM and Bali-based RAZEDBI are joining forces for an event that embraces genreless, borderless celebration. Prioritising connections, sweat, and the celebration of queer joy in a safe space, this collaboration is all about not taking things too seriously. The line-up is set to feature vibrant performances from Cristal No.5, SAKIDASUMI (with a special performance), Sriracha Czaddy, Soup snakeS, and ADA X..

June 9
SINGAPORE: Pasar Pink + Pink Fest

Singapore seems to be leading the way in pride events this June with Pasar Pink and Sunday Social returning to the Museum of Ice Cream on June 9. This day-long celebration includes workshops, live music sets curated by Blackout Agency, markets, and even a 'proud pet parade.' Featured artists include Akito Kunt, Yujin, Hookstyle, Jiang, and Loyboy.

June 15
HONG KONG: Queerkins in the Making

Hong Kong’s Shimai Tribe hit us with a well-rounded double event, starting with ‘Queerkins in the Making’. This experimental speaker talk features NURSE3D and xiexiee3lla discussing their persona reinvention, how they mediate their queer identities through virtual spaces and more, all whilst exploring elements of horror and transgressive aesthetics, while the artists will morph into and embody their alter egos via a full makeup process whilst on stage.

After the talk, the afterparty seems to be just as exciting, where the speakers are joined by charlieowo, Cheetos and baby diwata, all set to play at a secret warehouse in the city.

June 21
TAIWAN: Candyland

Being the first country in Asia to legalise gay marriage, pride is taken seriously in Taiwan, and although Taiwan’s pride month is October, it isn’t stopping locals from getting involved—and Candyland is no different. Celebrating its two-year anniversary, KUNST is taking over Studio 9 and comes equipped with three stages, including a booming main room, the more mellow terrace stage and a steamy underwear-only back room. The lineup includes many of the island's heavy hitters, promising for as wild a night as they always bring.

June 22
HONG KONG: Doll Factory

Join MÖTH AGENCY at Doll Factory, a fundraising event for gender-affirming healthcare crafted by and for the queer community. Partnering with Mondrian Hotel and Quarks, the event features six talented trans and gender-non-conforming DJs from East and Southeast Asia, celebrating diversity and resilience against hate. All proceeds from the event will go to trans youth organisation Quarks (跨青時刻) and a friend seeking top surgery, with tickets available through suggested donations and generosity. 150 cap, so don’t sleep on this one.

June 26
SYDNEY: Pho The Girls Open Deck Mixer

This one may be a bit beyond our borders but, as we all know, Pride is all about inclusion. Spearheaded by Australian-born artist with Vietnamese and Cambodian roots, Maggie Tra, Pho The Girls and SYS Sister Sounds are heading back to Sydney’s Ching a Ling Bar for their second open deck mixer. The event is welcome for all to attend, but the open decks are exclusively for women, non-binary and trans DJs only.

June 28

After solidifying themselves in Vancouver, LA, NYC, London, Berlin, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh and of course Manila, Normie Corp returns with their latest pride party at APOTHEKA. With sets from subicbae, D Waviee, obese.dogma777, fagofcolour, DODO and horseboyy, we’re sure Normie Corp will deliver in typical fashion with a night to remember. The last two events they’ve had in Manila sold out quickly, so get a ticket sooner rather than later.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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