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Pamcy talks feminism & frequencies, sharing her favorite releases by women in electronic music

The Filipino DJ & producer presents her choice cuts for Women’s Month 2021

  • Andrea Michaela
  • 17 March 2021

Pamcy Fernandez learned how to make beats under the tutelage of Justin de Guzman at Cosmic Sonic Arts. After that, it wasn’t too long until she started spinning under the mononym Pamcy and self-releasing on internet platforms, where she was discovered by Australian cassette label Healthy Tapes through her track, relatably named ‘25 and dead inside’. Two releases under the label, some mixes, and a Vagabon cosign later, Pamcy’s become a force to reckon with in both the Philippine and international music scene. Most recently, she released her EP Sauce Aisle under Jun Kamoda’s Jun Records, delivering her signature brand of DIY-house at its most refined.

Being asked about being a woman in music can become a hackneyed conversation, but Pamcy isn’t one to shy away from the topic. She shares, “Having a sense of purpose has kept me on my toes since the day I started. I knew that it wasn't going to be easy being a minority, but I wanted to see a more diverse scene and make my own contribution to diversity in whatever way I can as a DJ/producer.”

Her 2018 EP Deep Sea Pearls was built around features with other female artists. “It was frustrating for me to hear people say that there are not a lot of female musicians. As someone who followed the local independent scene even before I became a musician, I knew that this wasn't true at all. I wanted to tell people to dig deeper, because that's how you find treasure. You have to dive deep to get good pearls.”

Her 2019 LP, BINIBINI (the title is an old Filipino honorific term for women) celebrates Filipina identity in a more prominent manner. Titling each track after everyday objects typically associated with Pinay life, Pamcy wanted listeners to be able to appreciate the familiar through her tracks.

“Celebrating my identity as a Filipina is not something I deliberately try to do all the time, but I think all of my projects have that in common because everything that I make is rooted in my own reality and identity,” says Pamcy. She felt a deeper connection to her identity while spending time abroad, observing the similarities that ASEAN cultures shared, which eventually inspired her latest EP.

In honour of Women’s History Month, Pamcy took us through some of her favourite releases by female electronic musicians:

Teya Logos 'Beki Bounce'

"Teya Logos is one of my favourite producers right now. Her track 'Beki Bounce' encapsulates her out of this world talent and the sound she's going for. This track is like four songs in one, and it's a mind-blowing combination of gqom, ballroom, gabber and budots. If you want to know what a five-minute roller coaster ride sounds like, it's this track."

Eating Music presents Dreaming with Friends

"Eating Music is an indie record label from Shanghai and they released an all-female compilation called Dreaming with Friends. One of the standout tracks is Yu Su's 'Every Star Has Its Own Story', which I regularly play in mixes. The entire compilation is a bite-sized sampler of works that features a wide range of sounds from some of the most inventive Chinese artists."

Octo Octa 'She's Calling' EP

"Octo Octa's music has been in my rotation in the last couple of years and this EP is one of my favourite releases this year so far. I'm just glad that this uplifting EP exists especially at a time like this. I remember finding 'Find Your Way Home' on YouTube for the first time and hearing that cheered me up right away."

VVVV 'Malikmata from Tropical Diskoral Vol. 2'

"I've been following VVVV since I found her on Soundcloud years ago and I can't think of anyone else who sounds like her. I love how textured her tracks are and the sounds she chooses are never too abrasive or harsh, like how she does it in 'Malikmata'. Aside from her synth choices that are always spot-on, the arrangement and flow of her songs are consistently engaging from start to end."


"One of my go-to artists when I'm digging for Jersey club is UNIIQU3. She's been coming out with a lot of bangers and her DIGITAL DIVA EP is no exception. She released this back in June last year and it was one of the projects she made while on quarantine. This EP is proof that UNIIQU3 is a true expert in making bedroom rave music."

Rainbow Chan 'Pillar'

"Rainbow Chan is a pop artist from Sydney and I met her through the label we're both a part of, Healthy Tapes. Her music is catchy and addicting, and her album Pillar is a playful experimental pop masterpiece. My favourite track is 'CSR', a vibrant song built out of echoing vocal loops and catchy synth patterns."


"ASMARA is a DJ and producer from LA and I discovered 'Deviant Eyes', through an episode of Kraeji w/ Yaeji on NTS. I love her modern and sleek approach to production that amplifies and elevates her Indian musical heritage. The two-track EP is something I imagine looping while on a long bus ride."

‘Sauce Aisle’ is available for streaming and purchase through Jun Records’ Bandcamp.

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