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Eating Music releases new compilation of all Chinese female artists

Yu Su’s ‘Dreaming With Friends’ is a standout track

  • Wendy Jane
  • 24 February 2020
Eating Music releases new compilation of all Chinese female artists

Shanghai-based label Eating Music has just released their second compilation after last year’s ‘Eating with Friends’, with 7 tracks by 7 Chinese female producers including Vancouver-based electronic artist Yu Su. On an otherwise ambient, often experimental collection, Yu Su’s track ‘Every Star Has its Own Story’ with Stewdent stands out for being groovier, with a subdued, yet bubbling bassline and deep house vibe.

Having spent the past 6 years in Vancouver, Yu Su is originally from Kaifeng, China and retains strong ties to her homeland. In her time abroad she’s established a loyal network, having toured America, Australia, the U.K. and Europe. Recently she toured in several cities around China, expanding her reach in her home country as well.

The compilation ‘Dreaming With Friends’ is the second annual compilation by Eating Music. By working with different Chinese female producers, the indie label is amplifying female voices that are on the rise recently in the Asian dance music world.

Listen to ‘Dreaming With Friends’ below

According to Eating Music: ‘We invited 7 independent female artists/producers: Yu Su / Fishdoll / HUAN HUAN / Dodogo / Cocoonics / LimboLimbs / Tingting to finish this special annual feature with their different ages, lifestyles, genres in music and experiences. 7 tracks including sound sampling, experimental and dance elements pictured 7 different views under the same, straightforward expression. Sensation, delication and power gather around and turn into an emotionally complex and unvarnished sonic dream.’

The results sound very promising so far.

[Via Yu Su, Eating Music]