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Pamcy delivers tasty Filipino house music on her latest EP 'Sauce Aisle'

The Manila based artist combines her love for food with music on a super fresh EP

  • Rory Kirkham
  • 18 February 2021
Pamcy delivers tasty Filipino house music on her latest EP 'Sauce Aisle'

Pamcy, a house music producer from Manila in the Philippines, will be blessing us with her newest project called 'Sauce Aisle' on March 5. The lead single 'Fish Sauce' premiered back on February 14, and the EP is rounded out by two additional tracks called 'Oyster Sauce' and 'Sweet Soy Sauce', with both arriving in March. Also, are you starting to see a trend here? While bringing her fresh DIY take of house music across in the EP, Pamcy also brought in the fresh idea of combining it with her love for food.

Despite the saucy branding of the EP and tracks, this release is anything but a gimmick. Pamcy has put some serious thought and effort into the project. Her productions come layered with synths, vocal snippets, chunky basslines full of groove, and all sorts of bips, bleeps and bloops. Listen to 'Fish Sauce' below:

The heavily artistic project comes paired with a nine-page PDF zine detailing Pamcy's experience living abroad in Singapore and how she became intrigued by how different Asian countries applied the same condiments to their cuisine. The zine also details the rich and vibrant culture of both dance music and Asian food throughout Manila. The EP/zine combo comes to us via Jun Records, and illustration is courtesy of label boss Jun Kamoda.

Altogether this is an extremely clever idea and a unique way the artist has created to connect and engage with her fanbase. You can grab your digital copy of the zine on the right side of the Jun Records Soundcloud page here.

Pamcy is a Manila-based DJ with a colorful, DIY approach to house music. She's known for layering her beats with synths, bits of vocal samples, groovy basslines, and all sorts of bleeps — all trademarks that shine bright on 'Sauce Aisle'.

'Sauce Isle' arrives on March 5, and can be purchased directly from the Jun Records Bandcamp page here

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