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Mixmag Asia's wildest 'gram moments of 2022

Our number 1 post rakes in over 11 million plays

  • Mixmag Asia crew
  • 11 December 2022

We’re nearing another end to a year and this 2022, we have most definitely seen more cat videos than any other year (not complaining, though). Across Mixmag Asia's socials, specifically Instagram, our curated content has shown a variety of pieces from music releases, premieres, news, interviews, features, playlists, events, artists, regional content and dance music memes that will forever live in our minds.

We’ve rounded up a few of our wildest ‘gram moments from this year, which includes a mix of picks that’s has been carefully catalogued by our regional team members. Based on your likes, comments and shares, we’ve compiled a list of ten posts that we would like to share again — because hey, it’s the end of the year and we’re feeling nostalgic.

Even though some of these bytes are etched with you for eternity, we wanted to relive these digitally monumental moments from 2022 before we embark on new dopamine heights in 2023.

"Wait for it..."

Our top contender here had our viewers going wild this 2022. Well not only that, it’s our record-breaking top post of all our ‘gram posts ever. Reaching over 11 million plays and over 600k interactions, this was the pinnacle post of the year.

A multitude of emotions can be felt over this one through the comments where artists felt the pain and music fans laughed. This actually happened in 2018 at a festival in Byron Bay called ‘Rabbits Eat Lettuce’ where DJ Louie Cut’s set was cut short at around 25 minutes for a handshake that ended up getting viral attention.

We have the full video here with a few too many angles of the incident. P.S.: The attendee who brought the beat down with him was okay, but has to get a few stitches to head.

Jazzerimo for MMA Radio

One of our homegrown native content pieces, Mixmag Asia Radio has been a space for talents from all around the region that has surpassed over 100 episodes. Jazzerimo came in on episode number 96 with a trip from Bali to space with his captivating mix that has reeled in quite a number of plays and engagements this year.

His musical journey from Iran to Bali has propelled his signature sound that shaped his career in the underground scene over the years and we were humbled to have him grace our radio channel in 2022. Check out his mix on Mixmag Asia Radio here.

Greg Girard's Tokyo gallery

As with all of Greg Girard’s pieces on our site, it reels in thousands of hits and there’s a clear reason why. His unique eye for photographs and its timely vintage presence have given us a peephole into the nightlife of Asia’s past and we’re always excited for more.

This particular piece and one of our top posts focuses on his newest book ‘JAL 76 88’ which is also his ninth edition of Tokyo from 1976–1988. With over 100K views, our Instagram post only includes ten images, but if you’re looking for more, head on over to the piece here — his book has around 100 neon-lit images.

Tale of Us in India

We’re sure that everyone has seen the captivating videos from Tale of Us’ audio-visual live shows around the globe beaming on everybody’s socials. It was a milestone show for many in India, and organisers sLick! pulled it off with a bang.

Wonderfruit 2022 returns

After two whole long years, we ALL felt the excitement when Wonderfruit made the long-awaited announcement of their return to The Fields in Pattaya this December (which is coming up next week — we'll see you there!).

Those who saw this post first got the word out asap with over 2.3K shares in the first few minutes, widening over 60K fruity eyeballs.

Halloween at Shagrilla

A sad but important one to share; in Kuala Lumpur, the attention was not so much focused on who wore what, but it was geared towards a raid from religious authorities during an LGBTQ Halloween party.

The engagement of sharing this particular event emphasised a much needed, wider view of the different social obstacles that arise in some countries in Southeast Asia.

Unfortunately, due to some hateful comments from mass sharing, we had to cull the comments section as hate speech of any form is unacceptable. Read more about the event raid here.

"You look fine"

Who doesn’t enjoy a quick trip to wonderland? A fun and trippy piece we shared captured the like button of many individuals from our page. Created by artist Ramon Orlando Trujillo, his psychedelic works and our minds aligned perfectly for this post on our Instagram.

Usually a staple statement to ourselves during bathroom breaks, “you look fine” may resonate with us after a long spangled night out. For those who are looking to check this mural out, or even get inked while there, the bathroom lives in Evolution Tattoo Denver, USA. The piece has also been made into prints by Ramon.

Click here for more photos from the original post on Instagram.

Clockenflap confirmed for 2023

Ah, the return of another festival in the region. From this post, clearly, we know where our focus wants to go. When Clockenflap announced its return last month in Hong Kong for 2023, we were on it like hotcakes. The festival has taken a pause for two years due to the pandemic, but they did come back with the smaller event Long Time No See in September.

Can’t wait til March? Check out our list of end-of-year festivals happening in Asia here.

Myanmar air strike

Just this past October, a music festival in was Myanmar showered by an air strike via a military coup leaving at least 60 killed. The shocking news left many distraught; the heartbreaking situation was originally intended to be a celebration of the 62nd anniversary of the Kachin Independence Organisation (KIO), who were targeted. For more about the story, click here.

"Stop booking the same 5 DJs"

Sometimes our best posts are just the most relatable ones and this hits the nail right in the coffin. Promoters and fans both took their voices to the comments section, which had us reaching for popcorn while reading through it. Mixmag Asia thanks you for riding us with through the highs and lows of this tumultuous year! See you for more wildness in the social cosmos in 2023!

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