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KOR opens in Shanghai with a supercharged shiny gold sound system by VOID Acoustics

The opening also makes it the first Taiwanese entertainment brand to open abroad

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 16 January 2020

When KOR opened in Taipei three years ago, we were pretty excited about its shiny gold sound system by VOID Acoustics. The system, which was custom designed by Matt Edgar, CEO of Audio Integration Services (AIS), featured Gold Chrome Air Motions speakers and Air Vantage monitors and was branded the first-ever KHROME system. Naturally, we were pretty excited when KOR announced that it would be opening an extension of its award-winning lounge in Shanghai and with a supercharged version of the now-iconic sound system.

Having just celebrated its third birthday in Taipei, KOR is now open in Shanghai's bustling Jing'an District at Wheelock Square — it's also the first Taiwanese entertainment brand to ever open outside of the ROC. Best defined as a super lounge, KOR is to deliver to Shanghai a refined hip-hop forward alternative to ubiquitous EDM-fueled nightclubs. Think of it as a nightclub, for adults — there is no dance floor, but it's still very much a wild Friday night out.

What excites us is the sound system — the new setup in KOR Shanghai is based on the success of KOR Taipei and tied with new subwoofer design and electronics innovations. Shanghai's version was designed using VR headset along with acoustic simulation software to layout the entire sound system before construction even began. The system includes a Xilica Processor and is all connected via Dante digital network with every aspect of the system remotely monitored from Chicago. This system is a prime example of all of the latest technology available and an exercise on how AIS can support systems globally. Best of all, it's finished in a shiny chrome gold that complements the interior design of the lounge.

This is what it's pumping:

8 VOID Nexus XL Subwoofers
4 Venu 212 subwoofers
5 VOID Bias Q2
3 VOID Bias Q5
92,000 watts of potential power

KOR takes great care and attention curating music to create an atmosphere that complements its many other pillars. It's an EDM-free establishment that supports local and international talent who play hip-hop, funk, new jazz, trip-hop and soul. The experience comes coupled with a collection of rare spirits (think of bubble tea but with booze), international bartending techniques and Michelin-calibre cuisine (Chef Andre Chiang features on the menu).

KOR is helmed by theLOOP, the lovely people behind OMNI Nightclub, ALTA Nightclub and LOOPTOPIA in Taiwan, alongside Shanghai’s own MUSE Group. The grand opening is expected in the coming months.

KOR Shanghai is at Wheelock Square, No. 1717, Nanjing West Road, Jing An District, Shanghai.

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