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See pictures of the first ever chrome finished VOID soundsystem in Taipei

KOR Taipei is an EDM-free lounge that boasts Asia's best soundsystem

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 28 November 2016

KOR in Taipei officially threw its grand opening this month and while the design and concept are both unique and outstanding, audiophiles were quick to recognize that the grandest thing about the club is its ultra impressive soundsystem.

Officially branded the KROME series, the VOID Acoustics system was designed and built exclusively for KOR and finished in a shiny chrome gold, which complements the glamorous black, white and gold interior design.

According to the LOOP, the Taiwanese team behind the club, the system was also developed to be waterproof, dust and earthquake proof while also mitigating heat expansion and cold contraction – all essential to accommodate Taiwan’s rocky climate.

Audio Integration Service (AIS) installed the system, a Chicago based company that installs systems in clubs around the US that has also previously worked with theLOOP on its award-winning club OMNI. We spoke to the designer of KOR's soundsystem and CEO of AIS Mathew Edgar who told us the backstory on the system and why he was excited to be on board.

“It has always been a dream to design a system around hip-hop DJs,” he said. “Also working with theLOOP and the same team that designed OMNI was great because I knew that they would work with me and ensure that we did not sacrifice sound quality.”

He designed the system together with the LOOP in 3D and by moving files back and forth they were able to sort out all speaker locations before anything was built. By working together in 3D, they achieved his soundsystem performance goals without ever sacrificing any of the interior design because they were able to hide all the subwoofers in the furniture.

Edgar said he took a different approach to the design by combining new ideas along with some proven methods.

“For the main top speakers we did a first ever chrome gold finish, working closely with VOID we perfected the process and pulled off an amazing finish that fit this project perfectly. The VOID Air Motion is the main speaker and it was chosen for its ability to produce a very hi-fi studio sound while reaching extreme sound pressure levels (SPLs).”

He added that the choice of subwoofer was also very important. “I have always been a firm believer that you should be able to have a better audio experience in a club than in your car but this is not easy to achieve since a car is such a small enclosed space.”

The subwoofer system on the main floor is made up of 6 single VOID 21" subwoofers, which Edgar says allows the club to go very low in frequency to accommodate the extra bass in hip-hop. There are also a few dual 12" subwoofers in the (VIP) booths and pairs of dual 15" subwoofers hidden around the room. The result, he says, is very smooth and even bass around the space.

He added that the entire system is run off VOID DSP amplifiers that are all connected to a Midas Pro I/O box that gives vintage analog pre-amps on the input stage but AES digital outputs to the amplifiers. "This insures the cleanest signal path possible while still getting analog warmth.”

See the total system specs below:

Main System
6 VOID Air Motion in chrome gold
6 VOID Trinity X subwoofers
2 Venu 215 subwoofers
3 Venu X subwoofers
Midas M32C with DL155 I/O unit
VOID Bias Amplifiers

DJ Monitors
VOID Air Vantage DJ monitors
VOID Venu X subwoofer
VOID Bias amplifiers

The KROME system will become available for purchase to venues around the world beginning in 2017.

The setup for DJs at KOR is complemented by 2 Pioneer PLX-1000 turntables and 2 CDJ-2000s. The space is an EDM-free hip-hop, funk, r'n'b and soul mega lounge in Taiwan's capital Taipei. Read our review of KOR here and if playing here is your dream, KOR is looking for short and long term residents from all over Asia.

See photos of the space and the KROME system in the gallery above.

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