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Artists exciting us in 2024 / February

Names from Asia and the Asian diaspora you should keep an eye and ear out for

  • Mixmag Asia Crew
  • 19 February 2024

As we've proudly mentioned before, the Asian scene is thriving. Among the plethora of talent spread across the region and diaspora, we keep on excitedly unearthing more and more names that may not be too familiar to some but are definitely worth your attention.

In the spirit of sharing, Mixmag Asia will be featuring a number of arguably under-the-radar artists who are currently making exciting noise in — and freshly out of — their respective scenes.

Prepare to expand your playlists.

Wu Zhuoling (People’s Republic of China)

Whilst Wu Zhuoling has been making music for over 15 years, and is a revered live performer across China’s underground and festival scene, she’s managed to remain rather clandestine on the global stage. That may change for three reasons: 1. Wu is taking her iconic electronic live sets to the South Pacific on a New Zealand Tour alongside her friend and fellow artist Kaishandao; 2. She’ll release a dance-floor inclined LP this summer 3. Her label Small Projects will be involved in hosting international artists, starting with a first show in Shanghai this May. Expect a meditative breakout from Chengdu-based artist Wu Zhuoling.

VT-00 (Indonesia)

Since dropping his first release in 2020,VT-00 (pronounced “vee-toe”) has gained a cult following which now extends abroad; this month, he recently made his Singapore debut via invitation of Strange Weather and Midnight Shift for a night of dark, sonic decadence. Flying the flag for EBM and industrial techno in Indonesia, he’s hinted at an upcoming remix album of his 2023 ‘Infra’ EP, which ploughed its way into our speakers in all its abrasive glory. His most recent collab with Magis titled ‘eX-Trim’ is a hi-NRG rave number teeming with lively breakbeats and gripping basslines, embellished with VT-00's emotionally charged, distorted vocals. With drops on more obscure labels such as Future EXP and Ear Flux, it’s hard to tell where he’ll land next—and that’s exactly what excites us.

MMEE (Hong Kong)

British-born, Shanghai-bred, and Hong Kong-based MMEE (pronounced “em-ee”) is no stranger to making moves. Since relocating to Hong Kong in 2021, the UK bass DJ and producer has fully hit his stride, bagging his debut festival appearance at Clockenflap’s first post-pandemic edition after becoming a fixture on the city’s underground scene. Not that he arrived empty-handed: a string of releases were already under his belt, including multiple collabs with Doc Zee on the latter’s Maraki Records, to name only one example. In the last six months, MMEE’s bootlegs have lit up both Keep Hush and Boiler Rooms sets, and his latest bootie (of JAY1’s ‘Your Mrs’) dropped just a couple of weeks ago, so there’s no telling where that one will end up travelling to…

Scott Noise (Taiwan)

Scott Noise stands as a pivotal figure in Taiwan’s underground d’n’b/hardcore scene. His trajectory continues to ascend, marked by an impending release of a new d’n’b single slated for April, coupled with a move to Bangkok tipped for later this year. With guest mix appearances, live sets, a new label and his own events spanning across Asia, he's consistently bridging the gap between Taiwan's, Thailand's and Asia’s hardcore communities. His performances are characterised by unrelenting intensity, crafting dance floors in Taiwan that are easily some of the most brutal we’ve seen in Taipei.

Seunghee (United States of America)

Originally from Seoul and now based in New York, Seunghee started her DJ career while working as an architectural designer in Los Angeles. Debuting just before a statewide lockdown, she spent two years refining skills as a bedroom DJ before securing bar gigs, radio shows and podcasts in the Big Apple. Her unique sonic narrative aims to evoke a sense of longing, seeking to find coherence and meaning amidst chaos and circumstance, drawing inspiration from stereo imaging and human rhythms to craft captivating mixes since 2022. She plans to relocate between somewhere in Europe and Seoul — fingers crossed we’ll be hearing more of her from this part of the globe.

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