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Radiohead's 'In Rainbows' transformed into synthwave epic using Super Mario 64

on4word’s recreation of the 10-tracker is the perfect soundtrack to rescue Princess Peach

  • 29 January 2023
Radiohead's 'In Rainbows' transformed into synthwave epic using Super Mario 64

YouTube creator on4word has recreated the entirety of Radiohead’s classic 2007 album ‘In Rainbows’, using sounds sampled from Super Mario 64.

Clocking in at 42 minutes and 27 seconds (just shy of Radiohead’s 42 minutes and 39 seconds), ‘In Rainbow Roads’ turns the iconic 10-track LP into a synthwave jam, with full recreations of favourites including ‘Nude’, ‘Weird Fishes/Arpeggi’, ‘All I Need’, ‘Jigsaw Falling into Place’ and ‘House of Cards’.

There is one curveball in the middle of the cover, with the sixth track, ‘Faust Arp’, using sounds from Zelda rather than Mario 64.

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Stream ‘In Rainbow Roads’ below, and to download and pay what you want visit on4word’s Bandcamp page.

Radiohead’s most recent studio album came in nearly seven years ago in 2016, with ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ – the band’s ninth LP, released via XL Recordings, with their most recent live tour finishing in 2018.

The band’s drummer Philip Selway told SPIN that despite lead singer Thom Yorke and lead guitarist Jonny Greenwood forming a separate band called The Smile, the band hadn’t split up, and are “going to get together at the start of [2023], and I’m sure we’re going to start looking at other ideas for what comes next.”

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On top of forming The Smile, Yorke has been keeping himself busy with solo projects since the last Radiohead album, releasing solo album ‘ANIMA’ in 2019, collaborating with longtime producer for the band Nigel Godrich.

In July 2021, Yorke shared a slowed-down, stripped back, electronic influenced remix of Radiohead’s classic song ‘Creep’, made for a Jun Takahashi fashion show. Listen below.

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