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Yetsuby steps up with the sixth release from Taiwan's JIN Records

The Korean artist serves three sumptuous tracks alongside a slick Eden Burns remix

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 18 February 2022
Yetsuby steps up with the sixth release from Taiwan's JIN Records

Taiwanese label JIN continue their tireless mission to showcase the various shades of underground Asian electronica, welcoming Yestsuby to serve the goods on JIN06.

While the label enjoy turning heads with their playfully perverse cover art, there's nothing comedic about their commitment to presenting high-grade subterranean music, and their latest offering is no exception. One half of the ambient duo, Salamanda, Yetsuby shows a refined touch on this delicately nuanced solo offering. Blending atmospheric ambient sonics with rugged, broken rhythms, she elegantly evokes enigmatic moods across the release.

Opening track 'Bear Becomes The Human' offers a contemporary interpretation of a Korean folk story (a tale in which a bear transforms into a human after consuming copious portions of garlic and green onions). Yetsuby's version reimagines the bear through music, transposing its essence into a rolling rave break emerging from a mystical ambient fog as hard-hitting drums cascade through harmonic waves. Next, 'Bay' unfolds with equal poise, as hyperactive rhythms dance over blissed-out pads and shimmering piano chords.

'Jelly', meanwhile, sees dusty drums galloping across a stripped landscape, as paranoid glitches and growling synths permeate the voluminous sonic landscape. Finally, New Zealand's Eden Burns flips the 'Jelly' script almost entirely, re-animating the track as a brooding dancefloor meditation. Deep techno meets trance as percussive layers echo over a full-bodied four/four groove, with glistening synths undulating over the propulsive rhythm for a hypnotic dawn exploration.

Yetsuby 'JIN06' is out now, you can buy it on the Bandcamp player above

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