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Yellow Claw taps Indonesian singer Sara Fajira for a tropical sounding number

You might recognize vocalist Sara Fajira from Weird Genius' hit 'Lathi'

  • Mixmag Asia
  • 9 April 2021
Yellow Claw taps Indonesian singer Sara Fajira for a tropical sounding number

Hiding out in Bali has been fruitful for many, many artists over the last year, Yellow Claw amongst them. The Dutch duo has spent the majority of the last 12 months in Bali and today they add another impending hit to their catalogue as they unleash their latest collaboration, this time with breakthrough Indonesian singer Sara Fajira. Bali seems to have also lightened this duo up as the tune sounds like nothing they've ever done before.

Titled ‘DRXGS’, the song is not about what you might think. Instead, it tells the tale of a lost love, reminiscing about the powerful connection between lovers and their feelings. The story is told via infectiously catchy hooks performed by Sara Fajira as well as Yellow Claw member Nils. Abandoning the heavy bass sound the duo are known for, ‘DRXGS’ opts for a more tropical sounding melody.

Being no strangers to Indonesia, or Asia for that matter, this collaboration is not the first time the pair has sought out unique collaborators in Asia. The duo are known for consistently bolstering the image of Indonesia’s brightest talents, and amongst them are rising rapper Ramengvrl and Rich Brian & NIKI Producer SIHK, as well as Weird Genius who are Indonesia’s biggest dance music act. In fact, Sara Fajira featured on Weird Genius' global hit ‘Lathi’ which has amassed over 300 million streams and 500 million views on TikTok.

‘DRXGS’ arrives at a time where the music community is in need of some positive reinforcement, and ‘DRXGS’ reminds us that better days, and bigger dance floors, are ahead.

A music video that was shot entirely in Bali accompanies the tune. Watch it below:

‘DRXGS’ is out today aia Pluus Records in Asia and Barong Family in the rest of the world.

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