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Wonderfruit announces first phase of ticket sales and new ticketing system

The first phase of tickets go on sale on July 18 for 72 hours

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 7 July 2022
Wonderfruit announces first phase of ticket sales and new ticketing system

It looks as though Wonderfruit are taking The Fields off the ground and into futuristic realms, with their new ticketing system that includes added benefits, rewards and offers Web3 utility to holders.

Posted just yesterday on Instagram, the announcement outlined new rules and guidelines for procuring a ticket for Wonderfruit 2022, and the benefits you’ll receive as a ticket holder.

On a related side note, Wonderfruit recently announced their Web3 venture, Hypothesis, back in April, that develops NFTs which are tied in with IRL experiences and rewards.

Mixmag Asia spoke to Wonderftuit Managing Director Jon Lor, who said, “We do have added benefits and rewards that give utility to ticket holders, one of them being a web3 component, which means attendees will be more than just ticket holders. Our goal is for you to become a permanent family member of the Wonderfruit world. The utility element will get ticket holders whitelisted for our NFT project, Hypothesis."

He added, "We want to reward our supporters of the past and early new supporters this year. We're capping tickets which is the main point for this as we want to give an equal opportunity for people to get a ticket while prioritising the people who have always been with us."

Keeping things wonderfully mysterious has always been part of the festival’s tone and manner, and it’s certainly no surprise that the creative minds behind the festival are taking new strides with welcoming back one of Asia’s most prolific events.

But more importantly, how do you get a ticket?

The first phase of Wonderfruit tickets go on sale on 18 July, and you’ve only got 72 hours to grab yours. Don’t stress too much, the first phase also includes a second sale date later in July, that will also follow the new 72 hour sales window.

In addition to announcing the first phase of ticketing, the illustrious festival brand also posted details of their new ticketing process, as well as notifying us of limited capacity due to “the wellbeing and safety” of their community, and so they “can present more focused programming and create extensions of those experiences beyond four days in The Fields.” But rest assured, the attendance cap doesn’t extend to the size of The Fields; the announcement continues by stating, “But don’t worry, Wonderfruit 2022 will be the same scale in both venues and size as it was in 2019.”

In other words: fewer Wonderers will have a lot more fruit to Wonder about.

Second thing you need to know is that ticket pricing will go up every 24 hours, during each 72 hour window. As mentioned on their official website, “The price will increase by THB 500 every 24 hours, and we will stop selling tickets when the price reaches THB 7,000 72 hours later.”

Take a look their Instagram post below, detailing the new process.

Whilst ticket holders from the previously cancelled 2020 edition will be granted a 2022 ticket, the new system is certainly a testing ground for Wonderers, both new and loyal. The festival is also hosting a private sale for past Wonderers: “So long as you have registered your ticket in previous years, we’ll be sending details to your inbox very soon so make sure to look out for it.”

For more information on how to get your tickets, head over to the Wonderfruit website and follow their instructions.

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