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Wonderfruit postpones to 2021, teases a new multi-weekend concept

Don't worry, this article comes packed with good news (and insider info)

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 16 September 2020
Wonderfruit postpones to 2021, teases a new multi-weekend concept

We knew it was coming. We didn’t want it to be true...but it’s the right thing to do.

Wonderfruit has been postponed to December 2021.

The decision wasn’t easy and the team at Wonderfruit said they explored as many options and scenarios as possible, but amid the uncertainty around travel restrictions and the growing concern of a second wave, the risk was too great. Also, with 65% of Wonderers coming from overseas, it wouldn’t be Wonderfruit without them.

A statement reads: "In February, we all learned about Covid-19. Like many of you, we were confused, concerned, and slightly defiant that it would soon pass. Thailand responded swiftly—leaving us hopeful that the situation would be resolved by the end of the year. We started planning it all out; Wonderfruit 2020 was going to be beautiful, and reflective of the year our planet was going through. But as weeks became months, the limitations, insecurity, and confusion grew. We went through multiple scenarios and various discussions but there were just too many variables. So we have made the difficult decision to delay Wonderfruit to December 2021."

We’re heartbroken, but we agree — healthy and safety are paramount.

But wait, there’s lots of good news too.

To start, anyone that already bought tickets has the option of a full refund. But, if you decide to hang onto your tickets, they will be valid for the next three years.

"Wonderfruit is operated by a small, independent team of thinkers and doers—a group of misfits passionate about leaving a positive dent in the world. We’d like to ask any Wonderer with a ticket to please support our team by holding onto your 2020 ticket. Like everyone, we’re facing uncertain times, and this would make a huge difference to us. If you decide to hold onto your tickets, these will be valid for entry to Wonderfruit in 2021, 2022, or 2023. We’ve committed to offering refunds to everyone that needs it, but please bear in mind that new tickets won’t be offered at a lower price."

More good news: anyone inside Thailand won’t be without some kind of Wonder this year.

We have it on good authority that Wonderfruit has been busy and you can expect an announcement in the coming weeks that will tell all. What we can tell you for now is that the concept will be spread out over several weekends and be open to anyone in Thailand.

And if you're outside Thailand but simply cannot live without Wonderfruit, you might just be able to make it after all. The government has just announced a new long stay tourist visa that's valid for up to nine months for those who have insurance and are willing to sit 14 days of quarantine.

One way or another, see you in The Fields. And if that happens to be in 2021, so be it — we'll be happier, healthier and stronger because of it.

Read the full announcement below and find refund details here.

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