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Welcome to WISE, Beijing’s online & offline conference dedicated to music, VR art & technology

You can attend digitally from around the globe

  • Mixmag Asia Staff
  • 28 August 2020
Welcome to WISE, Beijing’s online & offline conference dedicated to music, VR art & technology

Because, you know, life is pretty much back to normal in China, WISE returns to Beijing for the third time, bringing with it a wealth of knowledge on the Chinese music market, VR art and technology, digital life, style, music and business.

As usual, through panel talks content will delve into the future of electronic music, AI in the music-making process and more. Speakers come from various industries but from the world of music you’ll hear from Sónar, DJ Mag, The Wave, Bandcamp, Beatport, Clockenflap, TikTok, TAG Chengdu, Spunite, Fake Music Media, Eating Music, Supermodifed and more. Find the full programme here.

The original theme would have been ‘New China World’ and explored China’s cultural and technological place in the World. Then Corona happened and they found themselves in a very different situation.

“2020 will go down in history as the year where a Virus held mankind hostage. As if stranded on an isolated island, we were not able to physically travel beyond our own vicinity. Unlike Robinson Crusoe, however, we (for now still) live on a connected Island. On a daily basis, we can see globalization, its promises and discontents. We are chatting with our friends and business partners all over the world, who, like us, all are stranded on their own personal islands.”

“2020 will also go down in history as a decisive year if and how our islands will survive in the new geopolitical storms that are brewing on the horizon. Some might change its appearance, some might get disconnected from others, and some even might sink - literally. But, don’t fear: Our Island is not one of doom and misery. Be sure, that whatever happens, we will dance to our hopes and strive to connect the islands and the new realities. You want to explore our special built VR Island of New Realities?”

Reeperbahn Festival will also be partnering with the event and be joined by three European acts, a delegation of 50+ European music industry professionals, members of the press, and this year's ANCHOR Jury. The festival is known for mixing Chinese and European bands and music professionals in Berlin, and will this time meet online, in VR as well as IRL in Shanghai and Beijing. Find the full program here.

Although the conference is available online as well as offline, if you happen to be in Shanghai, Chengdu or Beijing, you can even meet them at the club. WISE will also welcome United We Stream Asia at Shanghai´s Club 44KW together with the German Consulate, bringing to the world a night of China-based artists and DJs, including MMS, Kenkeni, Far Infinity, Punx.

WISE was founded by Philipp Grefer in Beijing three years ago as a way to "spark cross-sectorial dialogue and connect innovators from the creative community, technology and science to discuss essential questions about how we want and should live in the future". With the conference, he looks to connect thought leaders of these communities from both sides of the Great Firewall.

WISE takes place August 28, 29 and September 4. Attend WISE here.