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Watch ​Nina Kraviz slay a live set from Dommune in Japan

The трип label head is in fine form with this wild 1.5 hour mix

  • Mixmag Asia Staff
  • 30 November 2016
Watch ​Nina Kraviz slay a live set from Dommune in Japan

Nina Kraviz has just posted on her page a live recording of her DJ set at DOMMUNE (ドミューン) on November 28th.

The 1.5-hour set features fresh and unreleased music by Roma Zuckerman, PTU, Erofeev, Nikita Zabelin, Bjarki, Biogen, Shadowax and others. In typical Nina fashion, the mix is fluid yet full of spontaneity and eclecticism while journeying through genres, galaxies and more.

The magic that is Nina Kraviz can be lost upon some however and just this month some fans in Australia went so far as to demand for a refund after she played a closing set that they felt didn't feature enough techno.

"I played a spontaneous, eclectic yet coherent set that consisted of a few different parts," трип label head responded on Facebook. "Some people were complaining and some even wanted their money back. And it would have been totally fine but something about it really touched me deeply. People wanted 'techno' and I offered none in their opinion - in fact all I played was pretty much techno at least in my own definition but much of a broader spectrum."

After listening to the set from Japan, it's possible that her set in Australia went a little something like this - especially because of that little dose of drum n bass at the end. It's not what we expected in that it's pretty different from any set we've ever seen her play but then again, Nina is known for never playing the same set twice so perhaps it's exactly what we expected.

Read her full response here and listen to the set below - both of which are in her usual fine form.

Nina Kraviz is currently in Japan where she will be taking part in the first ever Tokyo Dance Music Event.

[Photo: Paola Kudacki]