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Watch: Khus Fir's 'A Tail' depicts a tiger cub's assimilation into the human world

​Rishabh Iyer's incarnations include Worms' Cottage, Chir Pine & now Khus Fir

  • Waiying Ho
  • 27 September 2021
Watch: Khus Fir's 'A Tail' depicts a tiger cub's assimilation into the human world

Rishabh Iyer has entered his third incarnation as Khus Fir, following his previous aliases as folk-tronica producer Worms’ Cottage and club-friendly Chir Pine. Khus Fir’s debut six-track On Talons EP came out last summer, and that follows his previous two albums Tourguide Impostor and Standing Featherheads, both released under his alias Worms’ Cottage.

Following last year’s debut EP and a recent single ‘Langur’ as Khus Fir, ‘A Tail’ hit screens last week as his latest single.

‘A Tail’ is a colourful yet heartrending music video that depicts the story of a rescued, anthropomorphic tiger cub and its attempt at assimilating into human and social conditioning, raising questions about moral ambiguities and existentialism. Musically, Khus Fir renders a jungle meets urban environment, leaning heavily on a swinging percussive rhythm with organic drum sounds, sweeping movements of rising synths and what sounds like the use of Chikari strings, which is the key component to all Indian string instruments.

Watch the video below.

Iyer’s latest output lands on independent record label and collective Consolidate, which is based in hometown of Bangalore and founded by producers Rahul Giri and Anirudh Meno. The label aims to release creative and alluring music and content through signing up artists from South Asia diaspora — they currently host Aniruddh Menon, Disco Puppet, Blindnight and Aerate Sound.

Khus Fir ‘A Tail’ is out now on Consolidate. Check out the release and the label here.

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