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LIFE ON EARTH collection aligns WASHI denim to mother nature

The immersive launch show was scored by music stylist and artist Alex Lam

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 9 July 2021
LIFE ON EARTH collection aligns WASHI denim to mother nature

Telling a story in the present time about the relationship between mankind and nature being harmonious is a far-fetched thought.

In partnership with BOTANIC UNION and Lefishtank, founder and designer Hiro Yohshikawa conceptualised a theatrical runway performance to launch his latest WASHI JEANS collection — LIFE ON EARTH.

His inspiration stems from spending over a decade developing the WASHI NO.6 yarn that use purely natural materials which have resulted in fabric being as light as leaves and as strong as roots, cold in the summer and warm in the winter. The two main lines in the collection are entitled SHIZEN and RIKISAKU which translate to nature and craftsmanship, respectively.

What caught our eye about WASHI’s latest collection is the emphasis on sustainable fashion, with meticulous attention to detail with it’s homage to mother nature, but more specifically, the recent launch event that was held for a very private gathering of discerning guests. LIFE ON EARTH was unveiled through an experimental theatre format with Hong Kong artist Alex Lam from Lefishtank spearheading the sonic element as Music Director of the show, who brought in expertise from producers like Jordie Guzman of Studio B Productions.

The launch show itself was held at BOTANIC UNION which is a greenhouse venue located in the New Territories of Hong Kong — the greenhouse was transformed into an abstract world inspired by denim and related natural materials that are part of the WASHI production process. The physical transformation of the place was accompanied by an immersive performance and installations materialised with WASHI denim.

The show consists of a Prelude, Main Story and Finale, each depicting a different angle of WASHI’s association to nature through sensory elements like sight and sound.

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