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New double 12" vinyl compilation 'Gonzo Goa - Party Music '87 - '94' explores Goa's early rave days

Sound Metaphors and Transmigration team up with Goa scene stalwart Ray Castle

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 29 May 2023
New double 12" vinyl compilation 'Gonzo Goa - Party Music '87 - '94' explores Goa's early rave days

Record store and label Sound Metaphors have teamed up with Transmigration for a collaborative compilation with Ray Castle that explores the early days of Goa’s underground party scene, an era which stands as one of the wildest and most untampered periods of underground electronic music.

Author and DJ, Ray Castle, played an intrinsic role in the early days of Goa’s free and liberal outdoor parties. Working closely with the two Berlin-based labels, Ray Castle’s music collection and old tape recordings of his sets were the primary research and archive for this compilation release.

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In the late 1980s and early 1990s, DJ Ray Castle played an instrumental role in shaping the underground party scene in Goa, India. His innovative approach to music selection and penchant for transcending genres made him a pioneer in the development of the Goa trance sound. Over the years, Castle's influence has extended far beyond India, as he helped to cultivate a global community that embraced the free-spirited nature of Goa's underground parties and the immersive music that accompanied them.

Recognising Castle's contribution to the genre, two Berlin-based labels, Sound Metaphors and Transmigration, collaborated with him on a compilation titled ‘Gonzo Goa - Party Music '87’- '94’ this project aimed to celebrate the unique spirit of the early Goa party scene, as well as the groundbreaking music that emerged from it.

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A1 Mindfield ‘Saturnalia 4’
A2 Apostolis ‘Clock Croc’ (House Quickly Mix)
B1 F.U.S.E. ‘F.U.2 (Re-edit)’
B2 Peyote ‘Alcatraz’
B3 Psyche ‘The Saint Became A Lush’
C1 Man With No Name ‘From Within’
C2 Zen ‘Solar Data’ (Extended Tribal Mix)
C3 Francesco Farfa & Joy Kitikonti ‘Beat Control’(Siena Mix I)
D1 Public Relation ‘Eighty Eight’ (Instrumental)
D2 Ghostdance ‘Ghostbeat’ (New Beat Mix)
D3 Chris & Cosey ‘Exotika’ (12” Mix)

Have a listen to the opening track by Minfdield, ‘Saturnalia 4’ below.

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‘Gonzo Goa - Party Music '87’- '94' is out now as a 2 x 12” vinyl only release, and available here.

Arun Ramanathan is Mixmag Asia’s Director. Follow him on Instagram.

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