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Vietnamese DJ Hoaprox infuses local flute into his new track

The single is part of Billboard Presents: Electric Asia Vol. 3

  • Rylee Chow
  • 13 December 2019
Vietnamese DJ Hoaprox infuses local flute into his new track

Described as a unique 'east-west collaboration', a new track by 22-year-old Vietnamese DJ Hoaprox combines the deep, uplifting tones of the Minh flute with his signature EDM stylings, including lush chords and a big drop, to create a singular instrumental track. The single will be released tomorrow as part of the dance music compilation from b2 Music and Billboard: 'Electric Asia Vol.3: Best of Asian Electronic Dance Music'.

'Words Of The Wind' combines house and future bass vibes along with a mesmerizing melody and high-pitched timbre from Dinh Nhat Minh – a traditional Vietnamese flute. As Vietnam is relatively mysterious and culturally unknown to the world at large, Hoaprox has decided to introduce some local essence to an otherwise hard hitting track that builds slowly and then grabs you by the throat. You could easily imagine it becoming something of a local anthem that works in a club or a festival.

On the idea of infusing a traditional instrument with EDM Hoaprox says, 'Traditional music is relatively free and spontaneous, thus it has no rules or framework to follow. Meanwhile, EDM is more developed and comes with 'rules and regulations'. Everyone can hear the track tomorrow on Apple Music, Spotify and NetEase Cloud Music, but first, check out his song trailer dropped exclusively to his Chinese fans on Weibo.

Hoaprox has been working hard and making his name in the international EDM scene since the tender age of 14. This year he has really moved forward signing to two major dance labels, Spinnin’ Record and Dharma Worldwide, and collaborating with well-known DJ and producer MakJ on ’Tug Of War’.

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