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Vietnamese collective Gãy go extra loud on a 4-hour Lunar New Year megamix

The mix debuted last week on NTS Radio & features music from Genome 6.66 MBP, Eastern Margins & Absurd Trax

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 7 February 2022
Vietnamese collective Gãy go extra loud on a 4-hour Lunar New Year megamix

Vietnamese music and creative collective of the moment has just released a four-hour megamix on NTS Radio that clashes the spirit of the Year of the Tiger with the sounds of Vietnamese nightlife.

Celebrating interconnectedness across borders, collective Gãy have gathered several Asian collectives and labels on the mix who all share a hybrid and mutating sound from their motherland. Shanghai label Genome 6.66 MBP start the mix off with unreleased tunes by internet angels and local heroes on the label all mixed by Kilovee. Second up is Absurd Trax from Hong Kong, with Simon Frank, ASJ and Lo4nerve stepping up to the occasion. London collective Eastern Margins take control of the third hour with redline anthems for curbside 王者荣耀 sessions played by Lumi and JD X. The last hour takes it back home with Saigon-based collective Gãy delivering an off-kilter hour of vinahouse and unreleased vpop edits with a couple of experimental and ambient tracks to close the mix out. Gãy's first sign, Rắn Cạp Đuôi, also contributed a couple of tracks in the lead up to their album release due out on the imprint later this year.

See the full tracklist in an Instagram post below:

Label founder Anh Phi explains that the artwork is a tribute to the Kẹo kéo motorbike with a DIY soundsystem built on it.

"We wanted to honor an important part of Vietnamese nightlife — which is not club related," he said. "Kẹo kéo is traditionally a taffy type of candy sold by street performers. We would see kẹo kéo most commonly sold by singers who drive around with a sound system in the back of their bike. They normally visit at a few quán nhậu (drinking food joints) a night to sell their kẹo kéo as an exchange for their performances of popular Vietnamese pop songs."

Listen to the mix below:

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