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Audio Asia: hypnotic Afro-inspired grooves on Unnayanaa's 'Teresash Woy'

Fitsum provides the spellbinding vocal on this organic deep house roller

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 2 February 2022
Audio Asia: hypnotic Afro-inspired grooves on Unnayanaa's 'Teresash Woy'

Unnayanaa arrives on Delhi-based Wind Horse Records with two mixes of his latest Ethiopian-inspired piece, 'Teresash Woy'.

Unnayanaa is the production moniker of Indian artist, Prashanth Pallemoni. Fuelled by a love for Afrobeat, house, jazz, and Brazilian rhythms, his unique fusion of global grooves and production has seen him emerge as a standard-bearer for Afro-influenced electronic music on the Subcontinent. He runs a monthly radio show, Syncopate, on, and has released music on international labels including Borders of Light, Still Music, Papa Records, Rainy City Music, and Atypical Dopeness. His alluring sounds have captured the attention of some of the underground's most celebrated protagonists, and his music has been remixed by the likes of Osunlade, Toto Chiavetta, and Ivory.

'Teresash Woy' is the latest in a series of tracks featuring elements recorded during a 2019 trip to Ethiopia and Congo and features the vocal talents of Ethiopian singer, Fitsum. The EP continues Wind Horse Records' inspired release schedule, following a string of impressive titles arriving via their ranks throughout 2021. Featuring an 'Afro' mix alongside a club-focused 'Afro Tech' mix, the EP covers plenty of sonic bases thanks to the varied tone of the iterations, but it's the former that we've opted to present as our pick for this week's Audio Asia preview. Here, Fitsum's hyper-atmospheric vocal drifts over sparse, rolling drums while thick synth bass adds substance to the groove. The mesmerising track unfolds over an engaging arrangement, blending precise electronic textures with organic East African instrumental flourishes for a delightfully seductive heads-down strut.

Unnayanaa's 'Teresash Woy' is out now via Beatport and in all digital stores from February 4. You can buy it here

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